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Release 05 Februari 2021 – Week 05


  • [SNG-2124] – Analysis: Set a Color Template in Report
  • [SNG-2362] – Refactor Storage SDK 11 to SDK 12

Change Requests

  • [SNG-1817] – [Backend] Distribute: Number of invitations send and percentage in response statistics wrong if give answer to bounced invitation
  • [SNG-2065] – [backend] login.survalyzer.com
  • [SNG-2109] – Hide Public Private Control in Analysis if Security control is set to conditional
  • [SNG-2179] – [Frontend] Analyse Tab: why do we have so many calls to the backend on an empty page
  • [SNG-2235] – Analyse: PPTX Export Settings: Change default choice: without open answer
  • [SNG-2276] – [backend]: pdf of answers pdf always creates a first cover sheet page
  • [SNG-2394] – [backend] Build: Message template setting should be extended for Pdf/Word/Json
  • [SNG-2412] – [Frontend] Panel ADD-ON: UN&PW Access in Survey : show password as password field
  • [SNG-2420] – Panel Sync: Sign Up Mode:


  • [SNG-1947] – [backend] PDF: Matrix Question Text: horicontal alignement
  • [SNG-2019] – [Frontend] Panel: The field with Data type does not accept the year less than 1753
  • [SNG-2039] – Admin/Runtime: Profile Page: Create new user: keyboard tab does not work in field phone
  • [SNG-2041] – [Frontend] Build: The label is not displayed in Variable field after clicking on the added value assigment
  • [SNG-2042] – [Frontend] Build: Value Assignment: List type member variable should not be displayed in Custom members fields
  • [SNG-2043] – [Frontend] Build: There is no Execution choice group for Code member in System member fields
  • [SNG-2045] – [Frontend] Build: The order of the variables should match the list of questions
  • [SNG-2053] – [Frontend] Build: The dropdown list Variable should hide after hovering over on the Add content
  • [SNG-2071] – [Backend] Raw data: Interviews are displayed as updated after importing excel file without any changed
  • [SNG-2072] – [Frontend] Raw data: Deleted interview is not displayed in any points of “row found’ description
  • [SNG-2080] – [Frontend] Distribute: Invite drop-down should not collapse after user entered value in Search field
  • [SNG-2081] – [Frontend] Distribute Wizard: Text Step: Send text Email: Alert Success Block should be shown on UI after server responded with success
  • [SNG-2095] – Sample: The row with invalid Member Id should be ignored after updating members from Excel
  • [SNG-2103] – Useraccount: lenght of firstname and lastname to long?
  • [SNG-2105] – Report Wizard: Add tooltip for chart type icons on Question step
  • [SNG-2133] – [Frontend/Backend]: Basic Report issues
  • [SNG-2335] – [backend] Analyse: removing interviews generates standard error
  • [SNG-2348] – [Frontend] Basic Report: Generated: Both Prod and Test Interviews should be included if # of prod interview equal or greater than required # of interview setting, Survey in Revision
  • [SNG-2391] – FRONTEND ticket “Color template in report”
  • [SNG-2395] – Third Party Sample: Language Quota: Interivew with matching language should not result into ScreenOut
  • [SNG-2397] – Basic Reports: Chart is not filled with data, if there are negative values
  • [SNG-2404] – general login url not working?
  • [SNG-2407] – [Frontend] File Manager: Exception while browsing
  • [SNG-2413] – runtime error js error at survey submit
  • [SNG-2414] – Usermanegement: adding user creates error “Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘UserId’ “
  • [SNG-2418] – [backend] Panel Sync: Validation of duplicates should NOT happen for Samples
  • [SNG-2422] – Distributioin: scheduled invitation not send
  • [SNG-2423] – distribution: send filtered invitation shows error
  • [SNG-2426] – Report doesn’t load
  • [SNG-2427] – Runtime: Minus deleted from the Real data type field if entered it for the first time
  • [SNG-2433] – UrlVar10 – UrlVar20 are not working
Updated on May 4, 2022

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