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Release 05 March 2021 – Week 09

Change Requests

  • [SNG-2547] – Admin: set limit to 32767 characters in RTE fields
  • [SNG-2562] – Unified placeholder link for Message Templates
  • [SNG-2566] – distribute: new language key for confirmation of sampling project deletion needed
  • [SNG-2572] – Refactor Slow Survey Overview Page (if count of completes of some surveys is big)
  • [SNG-2594] – improve: error handling of login.survalyzer.com


  • [SNG-1509] – Runtime: Validation does not work if change variable to only number
  • [SNG-2130] – [backend] Bundle Import: Only one member is created in Panel even if there are more than one in original panel
  • [SNG-2182] – [backend] Runtime: Legacy Sample: isScreening: true should be returned when screening section present
  • [SNG-2186] – [Backend] Opt-Out: The field Distributor is displayed as “Sampling Project has been deleted” even if the Sampling project was not deleted
  • [SNG-2320] – [backend] Excel export report: The number of responses should be displayed for Open questions in Excel report
  • [SNG-2333] – [backend] Excel Report: Matrix Text (number + real) is presented wrong
  • [SNG-2484] – runtime: changing survey language removes labels of dropdown question
  • [SNG-2521] – Administrators page: It should be possible to save the Admin after cleaning the Phone number in Add Admin page
  • [SNG-2568] – [backend] Segmentation: Filter & Segments sheet should be added in Excel report
  • [SNG-2571] – Languagehandling is incorrect with Code based login
  • [SNG-2576] – Segmented report: Online icon should not display for Segmented report in Analyze page
  • [SNG-2581] – Admin: Not able to update items on Build page
  • [SNG-2584] – Admin: Filter for choice/row should be updated if update related item
  • [SNG-2586] – Build: Filter: If disable N/A then related filter condition should be removed
  • [SNG-2588] – Admin: Filter modal empty after question that had related filter was deleted
Updated on March 5, 2021

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