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Release 07 May 2021 – Week 18

Change Requests

  • SNG-2830 Account Administrators: Delete icon is missed when 1 account admin in the list


  • SNG-2862 Distribute: error when trying to send reminder
  • SNG-2856 Subscriptions: Download subscriptions: Column PiecePrice, PositionPrice labels should be changed
  • SNG-2854 [Frontend] Panel Sign-Up shows wrong message + submit page button is wrong
  • SNG-2852 PDF Export: tool tips in matrix group column title should be hidden
  • SNG-2845 Distribution: No distributors shown, call stack error
  • SNG-2844 Emails not sent
  • SNG-2841 Analyse: Cannot download Excel report
  • SNG-2821 FRONTEND: Open Question Small: Date – 4 Digit year
  • SNG-2799 [Backend] Long running operations – cleaning taskId when deleting task.
  • SNG-2635 Quota: Filter evaluation is wrong
Updated on May 7, 2021

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