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Release 07 October 2022 – Week 40


  • SNG-4601 [Backend] Create webhooks for Create/Update/Delete Panel Member
  • SNG-4577 [Frontend] Support getMonth Method in VA
  • SNG-4513 [Frontend] Performance Issues: Calculating Top 50 completes + all raw data on demand
  • SNG-4507 Pro Table: Grouping (link related)
  • SNG-4399 [Frontend] Report Builder Pro – Table Builder – Dynamic Segmentation
  • SNG-4398 [Frontend] Report Builder Pro – Chart Builder


  • SNG-4634 Runtime: validation error message
  • SNG-4632 Report Builder: Charts: Limit Number of shown categories – default value shouldn’t be greater than there are present categories
  • SNG-4627 Admin: Search: exception thrown if hover over ‘Reser Search’ in Add content
  • SNG-4626 Report Builder: Charts: When copying existing Chart it should be displayed on the page
  • SNG-4625 Unable to create a report or download the data with special characters in survey name
  • SNG-4624 Report Builder: Charts: If add empty rawdata table to Chart – exception thrown (report converted from basic to pro)
  • SNG-4623 Report Builder: Charts: Copy, drag and drop cases
  • SNG-4622 Report Builder: Charts: gauge chart broken if change type to solid gauge chart and then back to gauge chart
  • SNG-4621 Analyze: Excel Report: No counts of answers in segments
  • SNG-4619 Report Builder: Charts: Exception thrown if add pivot table without any calculations enabled
  • SNG-4615 [Frontend] Pro Report: Preselect survey default language for new reports
  • SNG-4603 [Frontend] Reports: First Condition of first condition block in table filters must be “And” operator
  • SNG-4593 Add Rich Text Editor to rows
  • SNG-4579 Analyse: Variable Value Labels are not present
  • SNG-4563 Allow Superadmin to create Test-User (in Trial Account)
  • SNG-4555 Report Builder: Translate: Added values are removed if change default language
  • SNG-4501 Report Builder: Pivot table: If select “use custom formula” aggregator not reset to empty and validation still displayed
  • SNG-4475 Report Layout: Pro Report: Dynamic Filter UI issues
  • SNG-4342 Pro Reports: Tables: For member variable should be displayed Label, not value
  • SNG-3987 [Backend] Subscription: Download items: Extend columns in download Excel file
  • SNG-3966 [Backend] Raw data: Code plan: The data type should be integer in IA question_time
  • SNG-3938 [Backend] Download Answers: For right to left language slider shouldn’t be shifted to the right side
  • SNG-3153 [Frontend] Authentication: The notification for users should be added to Log in page if Subscription expired
Updated on February 14, 2023

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