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Release 08 February 2021 – Week 06


  • [SNG-2361] – Call ReportIssue also in Runtime
  • [SNG-2410] – Improve Loading Behavior of large surveys

Change Requests

  • [NG-0812< – Third Party Script Integration: Whatfix
  • [SNG-2222] – PPTX Specification: define the layout element + change the default pptx branding (more discrete)


  • [SNG-1238] – Message Layout: RTE Elements are not selectable
  • [SNG-2198] – FRONTENT: ToolTip in Runtime: Tooltip should not “overflow” the screen and should not have block style
  • [SNG-2329] – [backend]: PDF and Word Export Deviation in padding between question text and choices
  • [SNG-2439] – Unable to upload samples in workspace
  • [SNG-2442] – forgot password link does not generate message to reset the password
  • [SNG-2443] – PDF Creation Issue
  • [SNG-2449] – Runtime: Value assignment: execution setting “only first time” is ignored
  • [SNG-2457] – [backend] Basic Report: operation is not valid for a partial merged cell error displayed
Updated on October 17, 2023

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