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Release 08 July 2022 – Week 27



  • SNG-4294 Superadmin application doesn’t work
  • SNG-4289 SaveInterview Deletes data on next step
  • SNG-4285 Report Builder: Not possible to extend Dynamic Report Filters section on Create page, user logged out
  • SNG-4283 Error when opening a Dynata sampling project
  • SNG-4278 Pro Report: Allowed panel authentication: after login page is displayed – user shouldn’t be redirected to sso authentication
  • SNG-4273 [Frontend] Generated Reports: Excel: issues
  • SNG-4262 Report: Filtering: section in drop-down should be extendable – Portal or Core issue?
  • SNG-4168 Online Report: Too long Report Name should be cut with ellipsis before Sidebar starts, element shouldn’t be shifted
  • SNG-4000 Admin: Build: Error message should not be displayed in Rank order question with 1 item
  • SNG-3956 [Frontend] Pro report: Activation page in Wizard when uploading report definition file should be the same as when editing report
  • SNG-3825 Invite Member: All Surveys (matching condition) should be displayed in Select Survey drop-down
  • SNG-3735 Panel: Panel export: Wrong data type in 1st variable of variable group
Updated on October 17, 2023

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