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Release 09 April 2021 – Week 14


  • SNG-2501 User management: promote or denote users
  • SNG-2141 Zappier Integration

Change Requests

  • SNG-2740 Support anonymous and named trials
  • SNG-2722 Build: Panel Sync button should be available only if Panel addon enabled in Workspace/Workspace group
  • SNG-2710 subscription should show past, current or future subscription
  • SNG-2696 remove binding words
  • SNG-2660 \[frontend\] All Reports: Always show N \(number of responses\) as summary row.
  • SNG-2425 \[frontend\] Basic Report: Open Question Integer/Real, Slider: update chart


  • SNG-2735 \[Frontend\] message layout: translation page shows greyed out screen when RTF-editor is selected
  • SNG-2732 analyse: download pdf or excel report shows error “Something has changed in the survey, please refresh the report. “
  • SNG-2731 Panel: Incentive Overview shows wrong codes
  • SNG-2728 Send Email/Email Distributor should work
  • SNG-2727 Runtime: Date type text field – radiobutton should be selected automatically if set date
  • SNG-2721 Basic report: The data for Basic report should be correctly calculated for operator IsNotEqualTo in Open question text
  • SNG-2681 Prod: Basic report: the error message should not be displayed in online report when open link without log in
  • SNG-2630 Sample/Panel: Selected columns in the grid should be presaved, they should not be reset to default if refresh the page
  • SNG-2570 Segmentation: Number of Responses/Missing/N/As also should be segmented in report
  • SNG-2516 Admin: The limitation for input characters in text fields should be implemented in Profile/Add user/Add Admin/Add group admin
  • SNG-1733 Wrong Element for “End-Page”
Updated on October 17, 2023

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