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Release 09 December 2022 – Week 49


  • SNG-4661 PA: Change Default Setting Behaviour of Table
  • SNG-4863 [Backend] Implement new Bouncehandling based on Amazon SES
  • SNG-4917 Filter JSON Object


  • SNG-4811 Runtime: Filter on member ID does not work right
  • SNG-4812 Report Builder: Segmented Column: Available settings should be changed
  • SNG-4851 [Backend] Generated Reports: Tooltip set in RTE shouldn’t be included in excel and pptx reports
  • SNG-4855 Report Builder: Tables: Some columns display null if the “Use Custom row template” setting has been enabled
  • SNG-4868 Report Builder: Table: When removing Table Segmentation – column group also should be deleted
  • SNG-4871 Report Builder: Chart in Column: Value Labels are not shown in Line Chart
  • SNG-4874 Report Builder: Page title/subtitle inconsistency
  • SNG-4880 Report Builder: Tables: The default value for new columns is “0.#”.
  • SNG-4881 [Frontend] Slow Front-End Performance of Table Report
  • SNG-4884 Report Builder: Chart: Pie Chart should not be available for selection if selected segmented series
  • SNG-4885 Report Builder: Chart in Column: Show empty series setting disabled, but empty series shown in chart
  • SNG-4886 Report Builder: Chart in Column: Updated label in Chart in Column shouldn’t change label in original Column
  • SNG-4888 [Frontend] Build: Should not be possible to create duplicate variable
  • SNG-4897 [Frontend] RenderTable Value Assignment function doesn’t add tbody
  • SNG-4898 Report Builder: Dropping variables issues
  • SNG-4900 [Backend] GetSurveyCreditInformation lacks relation to Interview
  • SNG-4904 Gender = Male should not include cases with Gender is empty
  • SNG-4906 Report Builder: Dynamic Filters: Cannot disable “search” for single select filter
  • SNG-4910 Report: Download Report placeholders issue
  • SNG-4912 PA: Column grouping with advanced cell templates
Updated on October 17, 2023

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