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Release 09 September 2022 – Week 36


  • SNG-4313 [Backend] Survey export/Answers PDF: Update Matrix structure in downloaded file
  • SNG-3684 [Frontend] Show Trial Users in user overview


  • SNG-4567 Pro Report:Tables page: Exceptions are thrown when clicking Add/Edit condition
  • SNG-4551 Report Builder: in Manage Code Plan labels shouldn’t be hidden if selected language has code like fr-CH or similar
  • SNG-4548 Pro Report: Dynamic Filter: Not possible to select checkbox
  • SNG-4542 Report Builder: Tables Use Advanced Template: Add/Edit Condition: For number should be possible to enter decimal value
  • SNG-4538 Pro Report: Dynamic Filter: values selected in Tag box filter type should be reset if click Reset button for the filters
  • SNG-4537 Build: It should be possible to open RTE for Hint text field
  • SNG-4536 Report Builder: Pivot Tables: all added rows should be displayed in the table
  • SNG-4535 Raw Data: Quality Measurement issues
  • SNG-4532 Distribute: Invitation emails were sent twice
  • SNG-4530 Report Builder: Report pages: Issues with drag and drop for Charts
  • SNG-4528 [Frontend] Problem with Slot Width on Page Builder
  • SNG-4522 Report Builder: Tables: Warning should be added informing that String/Date data type variables cannot be added
  • SNG-4518 Notifications: Starting from should be a mandatory field and notification should last forever if Show until is empty
  • SNG-4516 [Frontend] Sorting Report Columns of type number with German decimal sign goes wrong
  • SNG-4511 Notifications: Generic Notification Service issues
  • SNG-4498 [Frontend] Pro Report: Report Pages: Senseless Waiting Time
  • SNG-4497 Slot Height: Solution for Height Problem
  • SNG-4479 [Backend] Export files: Excel: Leading zeroes are truncated from German ZIP codes, e.g. 01234
  • SNG-4473 Build: RTE: Issues related to attached video
Updated on October 17, 2023

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