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Release 10 December 2021 – Week 49


  • SNG-3668 Report Builder: Increase Font size to 15 px
  • SNG-3648 Report: Extend Chart Object with Zero Handling property
  • SNG-3647 Report – Chart Settings: Add Tick Intervall Property for X-Axis
  • SNG-3028 [Frontend] Rank Order: Add Prompt text for drop area
  • SNG-2293 Quota dependent elements

Change Requests

  • SNG-3683 Build: Change default behaviour of multiple check boxes
  • SNG-3681 Refactor Sampling Project Tab
  • SNG-3358 Runtime: Panel Add on Login page: If click Enter on keyboard, it should be counted as Clicked “Continue to Survey” button
  • SNG-3303 Distribute Wizard: Add info icon to “member(s) is/are selected” label
  • SNG-3164 Build: Value assignment: Execution options should be ordered according to their meanings
  • SNG-2975 Sampling Project Wizard: SMS channel should be working in Shared Panel
  • SNG-2901 Sampling Project Wizard: Sampling Project Name step should be added, if Project created for Shared Panel
  • SNG-2842 Runtime: Code authentication strong (1 interview per code): test interviews should not be counted for prod interviews
  • SNG-2838 Build: Value Assignment/URL Forwarding/RTE: add tooltip, when hovering over value in Label column
  • SNG-2659 All Reports: Only Show N/A if N/A is enabled for question
  • SNG-2479 Distribute page: Filter panel members page: In real type field should be displayed as #.###


  • SNG-3731 Trial workspace cannot be created
  • SNG-3720 Distribute: Third Party Sample: Strange gray line displayed in side bar in empty Quota Change log table
  • SNG-3719 Runtime: Matrix question: It should be possible to leave question without answer, if force response is disabled
  • SNG-3717 [Backend] License Renewal Email has wrong renewal date
  • SNG-3714 Online report: Tick Interval should also work for Column chart
  • SNG-3713 Online report: Tick Interval should work for Open question/Slider question
  • SNG-3712 [backend] Cloud Sample: All interviews counted as Screenout if in sample no quota, just screenout/trap condition present
  • SNG-3700 [Backend] Member Import: Panel: Import failed
  • SNG-3696 Online report: The size for “Percentage” should be 15 in all charts
  • SNG-3694 Panel: Sampling Project tab: Members value shouldn’t be 0
  • SNG-3693 [backend] Distribute/Sampling Project tab: Message name missed and Reminder state missed in side bar
  • SNG-3692 Cloud Sample: Sample set to Finished state, while target size not reached
  • SNG-3690 Panel/Sample: Opt-out: The hint should be displayed for cell phone if it is in opt-out
  • SNG-3688 [backend] Third Party/Cloud Sample: Completed Test interviews should not be counted in Third Party Sample statistics
  • SNG-3538 [Backend] Distribution: sending reminders with API call do not generate the amount of emails sent
  • SNG-3522 Admin: Response Statistics values should be right-aligned
  • SNG-3464 Panels: Variables: Changing position by using the drag and drop functionality interchanges variables
  • SNG-3377 [frontend] Message/Message layouts: Should be displayed userfriendly warning if user uploads file with invalid data
  • SNG-3348 Admin: Translate: RTE should be removed for Placeholder text field in Open Question
  • SNG-3311 Third Party Sample Wizard: Navigation from Summary step to Re-directs not possible
  • SNG-3243 Distribute: Third Party Sample: Edit icon for QuotaFull link should be displayed even if set Quota overflow option
  • SNG-3219 Edit Panel: Different message should be displayed for disabled remind icon
  • SNG-3167 Build: Filter Preview for Value Assignment/filter stuck on the page in big surveys
  • SNG-3160 Survey Approval List: Issues
  • SNG-2926 Remind Member Wizard: in redirect link after wizard finished has wrong workspace id
  • SNG-2888 Sampling Project Wizard: Hierarchy view recipients – data displayed incorrectly (date, list, integer with option variable types)
  • SNG-2777 Report Wizard/Report: Filter: condition fields should be aligned identically
  • SNG-2725 Runtime: The warning icon of rows should not appear when force response of rows were not set
  • SNG-2699 [Frontend] Sampling project Wizard: The Time in Datepicker should not be set in the past

Updated on October 17, 2023
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