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Release 10 February 2023 – Week 06


  • SNG-4943 PA: Adaptive Filter Logic
  • SNG-5022 PA: Set Serie and Category Color
  • SNG-5138 [Backend] Mails containing download links for raw data export sent to spam


  • SNG-4636 Pro Report: Cannot apply date format when report is in German
  • SNG-4965 Report: External: User should be redirected to Report Login page if token expired
  • SNG-5013 Dynata: It should be possible to create a project without cloud quotas..
  • SNG-5037 [Backend] Distribution: Email: Pixel Tracking displayed as corrupted image in gmail box
  • SNG-5046 [Backend] Report Builder: Download PDF Report: Empty page shouldn’t be displayed in the end
  • SNG-5132 [Frontend] Survey: Undo issues
  • SNG-5141 [Frontend] Survey: Undo issues 2
  • SNG-5142 Survey Layout: Image placeholder should be available right from the start
  • SNG-5153 [Backend] Fix SQL Timeout for creating Sampling Projects with a lot of Opt-Outs
  • SNG-5154 Report Builder: Table: Exception shouldn’t be thrown if add integer/real variable (semi-open choice)
  • SNG-5157 PA: Report Pages: Deleting middle report pages is not reflected properly in the UI
  • SNG-5158 Table Wizard: Filter step: Issues
  • SNG-5161 Message on thank you page isn’t displayed when participant is clicking his personal link a second time.
  • SNG-5162 PA: Wrong panels are displayed in mismatching data types warning
  • SNG-5163 Table Wizard: Rank Order question type
  • SNG-5164 Table Wizard: Multiple Response Question type
  • SNG-5165 Pro Report: Tables: Sidebar is not updated for table segmentation
  • SNG-5169 Table Wizard: Matrix SR/DD/Star question cases
  • SNG-5170 [Backend] Pro report: Issue with NaCount and MissingsCount on cube
  • SNG-5171 Table Wizard: Segmentation to Matrix questions should be applied in created table
  • SNG-5172 Table Wizard: Matrix Multiple Response question Issues
  • SNG-5173 Table Wizard: Report is broken when time segmentation is set and another table is selected
  • SNG-5176 Table Wizard: Multiple Response/Text question table name cases
  • SNG-5177 Table Wizard: Matrix MR: Row label should be populated as First Column header when for each row created separate table
  • SNG-5179 [Backend] PA: Add label rotation setting to stacked column chart
  • SNG-5182 Rework deprecated js
  • SNG-5183 [Frontend] Report Render Issues when reloading the container fast
  • SNG-5184 Table Wizard: Images in question text field
Updated on October 18, 2023
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