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Release 10 June 2021 – Week 23


  • SNG-2590 Implement Secure CSP
  • SNG-2345 [Front-End] ValueAssignment: Extend Function setChoiceVisibility to other list based question types

Change Requests

  • SNG-2993 Render Highcharts in Runtime
  • SNG-2974 Distribute/Sampling project Wizard: Changes if Panel Unpublished
  • SNG-2737 Edit Member: For opt-out Phone should be displayed the same information as for email opt-out
  • SNG-2139 Frontend: Basic Report: Include Gauge Chart and Word Cloud in generated files


  • SNG-3020 Survey Approval Workflow: Normal user should not be able to re-Active Survey via red icon on Survey List page
  • SNG-3019 [Backend] Set filter to sample member field shows error “System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”
  • SNG-3016 Slow Response from time to time
  • SNG-3015 Admin: Error log: The error message should not be displayed when sorted the Exception column and swith to other tab
  • SNG-3012 [frontend] Admin: Unable to export survey data to both Chinese languages
  • SNG-3011 Runtime: Download PDF not working
  • SNG-3010 [backend] runtime: build: adding an element or adding an answer option gets slower and slower
  • SNG-3007 survey layout with standard CSS creates large empty block when autocomplete is used
  • SNG-3003 Account opt-out: The Workspace Id column should be removed from downloaded Excel file
  • SNG-3001 Invite member: Global/Workspace Opt-out should work correctly when invite member
  • SNG-2992 [Frontend] Analyze why translation upload gets stuck
  • SNG-2981 SMS Distribution Wizard Issues
  • SNG-2960 [backend] Default Message and Survey Layout Setting in Trial Workspace
  • SNG-2950 Edit Message/Wizard: Issues
  • SNG-2326 Third Party Sample Wizard: Re-directs step: Tooltip for Quotafull setting should be resized, currently not possible to read all text
  • SNG-2267 Global/Workspace Opt-Out: Duplicate email/phone should not be possible to add in Opt-out list
  • SNG-2219 Invite/Remind icon in Panel/Sample: The First/Last name should be displayed in Message page if one of this information is present in Member

Updated on June 11, 2021

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