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Release 10 September 2021 – Week 36


  • SNG-3350 Add Possibility to Upload / Download Messages and Message Layouts
  • SNG-2347 Report: Implement Spider Chart type

Change Requests

  • SNG-3343 Cloud Sample: When Dynata not responsive add warning and do not allow to navigate next


  • SNG-3356 Distribute: Side Bar: Survey cloud sampling links should be trimmed with ellipsis
  • SNG-3355 [backend] Cloud Sample: Added Quotas shouldn’t have negative Id
  • SNG-3352 VA: survey.State == ‘Completed” doesnt work
  • SNG-3342 [Frontend] Сloud Sample: Other step: more validations
  • SNG-3313 Cloud Sample: Instead of error message should be displayed more user friendly message
  • SNG-2713 Sampling Project Wizard: Success Pop up for send test email should not be shifted to the right of the page
  • SNG-2700 Sampling project Wizard: Recipients: The Select all setting in the filter should work correct
  • SNG-2083 Sampling Project Wizard: The label Id disappears in Select sample members page after clicking on it

Updated on March 10, 2023

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