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Release 11 November 2022 – Week 45


  • SNG-4508 [Frontend] Pro Table: Chart Column
  • SNG-4613 [Backend] Implement changes for the SSL Infrastructure
  • SNG-4770 Analyze: ProReport: Export: Tables in export files (docx, pdf, pptx) show hidden columns


  • SNG-3832 [Frontend] Pro Report: side bar does not span to footer
  • SNG-4143 [Frontend] Report Builder: Languages: Meta data from the Survey labels should be included in the report
  • SNG-4523 [Frontend] Pro Report: Sidebar button issues with different languages
  • SNG-4657 Pro Report UI issues
  • SNG-4665 Analyze: Pro Report: Left table column has a minimum width even if no width has been defined
  • SNG-4672 Report Builder: Charts: Word cloud chart and series section
  • SNG-4686 [Backend] Page Builder: Text Tile: if Froala (RTE) is used, placeholders are not resolved anymore
  • SNG-4688 Remove click event inside chart (if no click event is specified)
  • SNG-4694 [Frontend] Report Builder: Charts: Order categories by value setting issues
  • SNG-4703 Report Builder: Charts: Gauge and Solid Gauge chart selected
  • SNG-4705 Report Builder: Chart: Should be possible to drag and drop chart to the very bottom of the list
  • SNG-4710 PA: Page Builder
  • SNG-4717 PA: Chart Builder: Creating Charts form Tables should set first Column in Property Value Column
  • SNG-4719 PA: Recoding of Raw data
Updated on October 17, 2023
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