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Release 12 August 2022 – Week 32


  • SNG-4447 [Backend] Create Public API which allows to determine available filters
  • SNG-4424 [Frontend] Default sorting for raw data & pivot table
  • SNG-4365 [Backend] Hooks shall be executed async by an Azure function
  • SNG-4347 [Backend] Create possibility to use post-processing formulas
  • SNG-4338 [Backend] Concept of Multi Chart for one DataSource is Missing
  • SNG-3142 [Backend] Accounts page: Add Subscription columns to the download Excel file
  • SNG-2972 [Frontend] Edit Panel: Changes related to hierarchical view setting
  • SNG-2436 [Backend] Account: Add Second Color Scheme


  • SNG-4450 Report Builder: Pivot table: Value Format field should be hidden from the sidebar if Use advanced templates enabled
  • SNG-4449 Report Builder: Pivot Table if both Row and Column have selected “Select from Row/Column” – then warning should be displayed for both Row And Column
  • SNG-4446 Report Builder: Pivot Table: Base Variable for Column should always be displayed in settings
  • SNG-4444 Pro Report: Pivot Table: Calculated column setting disappears when Custom formula is saved
  • SNG-4442 Report Builder: Pivot table: Warning for Column shouldn’t be displayed, if row has selected base variable and column has selected “take from row”
  • SNG-4439 Pro Report: Dynamic Reports: If reset filters Default value should be applied to the report
  • SNG-4437 Reports: Caption and captiontemplate fields in Basic and Pro reports. Column Header label shouldn’t be empty in sidebar
  • SNG-4436 Panel: Variables: It is possible to publish panel without data in Hierarchical view
  • SNG-4435 Report Builder: Cannot delete Value format value via erase button on keyboard
  • SNG-4433 Report Builder: Dynamic Report Filter: Default Value field missed for Date filters
  • SNG-4432 Pro Report: Dynamic Report Filter: Add delete icon to select date field
  • SNG-4431 Report Builder: Report pages: Horizontal scroll in tables doesn’t work, whole table started to drag
  • SNG-4430 Pro Report: If refresh report – checked or unchecked columns in ‘Column to show’ shouldn’t reset
  • SNG-4427 [Backend] The backend method ReadSurveyTemplateList allows SQL injection
  • SNG-4418 [Frontend] Pro Report: PPTX and SVG exported files issues
  • SNG-4415 Pro Report: Pivot Table: Row / Summary Row issues
  • SNG-4413 Pro Report: Pivot Table: Missing translations in Summary Row
  • SNG-4410 Report Builder: Pivot Table: Value Format field missed for Columns
  • SNG-4265 [Frontend] Report Builder: Create: in question tooltip should be displayed N/A options in Values if it is enabled in Question
  • SNG-3905 [Frontend] Panel/Sample: Invite/remind icon should be disabled when there are no channels to be selected
Updated on October 17, 2023

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