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Release 12 November 2021 – Week 45


  • SNG-3477 extend getSurveyLink Method with member and panel id
  • SNG-1116 URL Forward Text Fields should be “enriched” with placeholder sections (as in classic)

Change Requests

  • SNG-3127 [backend] Excel report: Changes for charts in Matrix text question (integer/real data type)


  • SNG-3599 [backend] Basic report: Reports should not be broken if set filter MemberId in Wizard
  • SNG-3596 [backend] Distribute page: Third party Sample: Quotas should work when condition is performing
  • SNG-3595 Download PDF doesn’t work
  • SNG-3590 [Frontend]runtime: filtering on member field not working
  • SNG-3588 [backend] Panel/Sample: Download interview links: ID fields should be displayed correctly
  • SNG-3579 [backend] Rawdata Export: Quality Measurement columns should also have enabled filtering by default
  • SNG-3578 [backend] Cloud Sample: Project should be set automatically to Finished State when# of Completed Interviews reached Target Size
  • SNG-3577 [frontend] Panel Member Fields are retured always as string
  • SNG-3550 Projekt related fixes
  • SNG-3520 [Backend] Panel: Sampling Project tab: Recipients condition should be applied to downloaded file with Members
  • SNG-3381 Clould Sample: Wizard: Add tooltip to Feasibility check window according to the specification
  • SNG-2940 Panel: The error message shouldn’t be displayed when duplicate page to another tab
  • SNG-2780 Admin: Build: change codes(variable values)

Updated on November 12, 2021

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