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Release 14 October 2022 – Week 41


  • SNG-4646 [Frontend] Show Visual Confirmation when pressing Save Change


  • SNG-4670 Report Builder: Charts: if move series in side bar, behavior should be the same as on build page
  • SNG-4669 Report Builder: Charts: If set number type column in rawdata table – chart type should be changed to Pie
  • SNG-4667 Report Builder: CalculateReportResults in Tables does not contain dataSourceToCalculate as in Charts
  • SNG-4664 Analyze: Pro Report: Chart Builder: Too many choices in series values drop down
  • SNG-4663 Analyze: Pro Report: Chart Builder: Length of bars/columns is based on rounded integer number values
  • SNG-4656 Change Chart creation behaviour: Y-axis min and max value should be auto
  • SNG-4655 Gauge Chart is not properly displayed in the Chart UI
  • SNG-4654 Report Builder: Charts: If Categories as series setting enabled show empty categories/series, settings should be switched
  • SNG-4653 Report Builder: Charts: If disable Custom value label setting, value should be reset in the field
  • SNG-4645 Report Builder: Charts: Word Cloud setting: if not value is set, should be displayed “auto” in the field
  • SNG-4644 Analyze: Pro Report: Chart Builder: Cannot choose series
  • SNG-4638 Report Builder: Charts: Cases related to Gauge Chart Type Settings
  • SNG-4637 [Frontend] Report Builder: Charts: Value Format and Custom Value Label settings working together
  • SNG-4633 Issue with setting datevariable in filter equals empty
  • SNG-4630 [Frontend] Distribute: Response statistics show hard bounces from different sampling projects cumulated
  • SNG-4617 [Frontend]: Pro Report: Show indication for adding variables to existing tables
  • SNG-4610 Survey/Report: Filtering: Any is Equal for member variables
  • SNG-4525 Subscriptions: For Contract field should be displayed entered text, not upload icon
  • SNG-4521 Pro Report: Multi Lingual Report Links issues
  • SNG-4500 Build: If select another Section then information in sidebar should be updated accordingly
  • SNG-4480 Third party sample: Prevent User from going to the next step, if no quota cell has been added
Updated on February 14, 2023

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