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Release 15 July 2022 – Week 28


  • SNG-4259 [Frontend] Report Layout: Separate option for Login page should be added in content selector drop-down
  • SNG-4245 [Backend] Upload Survey/Report: Handle cases when element id is not found, should be set to null
  • SNG-4209 [Frontend] Computed Raw Data Column
  • SNG-4193 [Frontend] Summary Rows for raw data tables
  • SNG-4172 [Backend] Report Definition – Add Chart Property marginLeft


  • SNG-4295 [Frontend] Cloud Sample: Exception thrown and Cloud Sample stuck when adding the same attribute in 2 cloud quota groups
  • SNG-4286 Report Builder: Dynamic report Filters: Issues 1
  • SNG-4279 Start Interview should invalidate local store state
  • SNG-3939 [Backend] Generated Pro report: hide download PDF/Word placeholders
Updated on February 15, 2023

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