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Release 16 April 2021 – Week 15


  • SNG-2609 Backend: Service getwordcloud to delete binding word in scope of word cloud
  • SNG-2531 Incentive Management
  • SNG-1973 Remove senseless words for word cloud

Change Requests

  • SNG-2752 [Frontend] Prevent Email addresses in Name field
  • SNG-2652 [frontend] RawDataTable doesn’t support panel variabels
  • SNG-2550 Basic Report: Update calculation for Number of Responses, N/A and Missings for Multi Variable Questions
  • SNG-2408 Library: How to handle upload issues


  • SNG-2768 [Backend] Rawdata Import: Not possible to upload integer and real values, invalidvalue error displayed
  • SNG-2762 build: survey with profile page used for panel add-on gets the “panelsync” option hidden after usage
  • SNG-2761 Segments vanish by reopening the wizard by someone else
  • SNG-2758 Subscription page: The Date in License renewal should be display correctly
  • SNG-2748 [Backend] Incentive: Upload Vouchers: Exception should not be thrown if upload invalid file
  • SNG-2745 Runtime: Cache Button should not prevent prepopulation of questions
  • SNG-2733 Basic report: Online: The total number of Invited in Online report should be the same as for other reports
  • SNG-2679 Admin: Build: Js Error in console
  • SNG-2677 Runtime: Accessibility: Tabbing has wrong sequence
  • SNG-2664 [Frontend] Segmented report: The Segments with the same title should be calculate according to set condition
  • SNG-2663 You cannot change default language, when language in profile is German
  • SNG-2649 Admin: Layout page: The error message should not display when open the layout page without any selected settings previously
  • SNG-2603 Change Password Notification
  • SNG-2592 Segmented report: Segment should work for Open question (Date)
  • SNG-2430 Basic Report: Number of Missings/N/A are missed in all generated Reports
  • SNG-1990 [frontend] Basic Report: semi-open question, text field in report
  • SNG-1109 imported JSON of a large survey, creates a non-responsive survey

Updated on April 16, 2021

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