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Release 16 December 2022 – Week 50


  • SNG-4913 [Backend] Cloud Sample: Quality measurement: Speeder rule
  • SNG-4928 PA: GetLabel function for calculation
  • SNG-4953 [Backend] Opt-Out Link should also support custom domain


  • SNG-4315 Report Builder: Report Pages: Dynamic Report Filters section: Filter drop-down should be draggable within filters container
  • SNG-4846 Report Builder: Chart in Column: Create Chart in column should be hidden, if Use Advanced Cell Template or Calculated Column settings enabled
  • SNG-4869 [Backend] Report Builder: Tables: Chart in Column isn’t displayed in Column in Segmented Table (data source)
  • SNG-4878 Report Builder: Manage Pages: Download Report placeholder should be accepted in Target URL field
  • SNG-4887 Report Builder: Chart in Column: Ordering setting cases
  • SNG-4890 Report Builder: Chart in Column: Value Column cases
  • SNG-4894 PA: Sort table by rowLabel column
  • SNG-4896 PA: New Pro reports only in available survey languages
  • SNG-4899 Report Builder: Dropping variables: Tooltip issues
  • SNG-4903 Analyze: Pro Report: Changing series in chart changes chart type
  • SNG-4907 Report Layout: Default white font for Value Labels for all line-based charts, which are not visible for the user
  • SNG-4915 Report Builder: Dropping variables issues 2
  • SNG-4920 Report Builder: Columns/rows shouldn’t swap if drag and drop
  • SNG-4929 Report Builder: Dropping variables: Wrong translation key used in tooltip for column area
  • SNG-4931 Report Builder: Dropping variables in column area issues
  • SNG-4934 [Frontend] styleguide: currently is is very hard to separate rows and columns; can you add a visual separator, if columns / rows are expanded
  • SNG-4935 Report Builder: Report Pages: Title and Subtitle of the slot should be displayed in the slot right after it has been added
  • SNG-4936 PA: Page builder tile link to table doesn’t work
  • SNG-4937 Report Builder: Chart in Column: Warning for populated X-axis, Y-axis label field
  • SNG-4940 Report Builder: Dropping variables: Percent aggregator column returns wrong result
  • SNG-4942 PA: Report in Portal – Charts in Table – TypeError: $(…).dxChart is not a function
  • SNG-4944 Report Builder: Sync between page builder and chart element
  • SNG-4945 [Backend] Public api: Members should be invited only into In Field state Sampling Project or new project should be created
  • SNG-4948 UI Support for simple export option integration
  • SNG-4951 Gauge Charts used as placeholder have wrong size
  • SNG-4957 Report Builder: Dropping variables: Columns’ settings issues
  • SNG-4959 Report Builder: Dropping variables issues 3
  • SNG-4960 PA: Report Kicks you out
  • SNG-4963 Error message (show call stack) displayed when downloading PDF file of provided answers in sample
  • SNG-4968 Report Builder: Error thrown when extending ‘Answer options’ column
Updated on October 17, 2023

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