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Release 17 June 2021 – Week 24


  • SNG-2858 Filter wizard: choose the block operator to be either AND or OR

Change Requests

  • SNG-3045 Account Admins and WS-Group Admin see and edit sample limit
  • SNG-3036 [backend] Messages in Trial Workspace
  • SNG-3032 Survey Approval Workflow: Sampling Projects in new custom workflow
  • SNG-2999 Opt-Out for API Distributor


  • SNG-3066 Runtime: Interviews with language zh-hk do not open
  • SNG-3055 Adjust CSP for youtube und iframe
  • SNG-3050 panel add-on: updating panel not processes
  • SNG-3049 build: loading translation page shows TypeError: n is null
  • SNG-3047 Code Access and language doesnt match
  • SNG-3043 Analyze: Basic Report cannot handle filter based on sample variables
  • SNG-3042 Basic reports: Online: The quantity of Progress interviews in Response statistics should be displayed correctly
  • SNG-3037 [BACKEND] Report failed if add filter condition to panel variable
  • SNG-3018 Backend: Unable to download raw data from survey
  • SNG-3006 Distribute: Distribution Log: Message name should be cut with ellipses in order expand icon to be visible
  • SNG-3000 Segmented Report Wizard: Color schemes should not be displayed for segmented Excel report
  • SNG-2983 [backend] Sampling Project/Distributor Wizard: Distribute step: SMS to be sent calculated incorrectly, button disabled
  • SNG-2982 Invite Member Wizard: SMS channel should be removed for member with Phone number opt-out
  • SNG-2538 Report wizard: Tooltip of color scheme should be the same design as in other tooltips
  • SNG-2512 Admin: Message Layout/Survey Layout tabs should not disappeared after reloading page
  • SNG-2473 Basic Report: Matrix Text (Number + Real) chart choices
  • SNG-2282 Reminde Member: The number of recipients/the quantity recipients in “E-mail to be sent..” should be displayed according selected members
  • SNG-2254 Survey Layout: The Highlight color setting should be displayed as disabled for not default survey layout

Updated on April 2, 2022

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