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Release 17 June 2022 – Week 24


  • SNG-4213 [Frontend] Add Variable Tab for Super Admin and User type = Professional
  • SNG-4194 Add value format setting to column settings for raw data tables
  • SNG-4148 [Frontend] Implement Central Error Handling


  • SNG-4216 The Password Reset Page is crippled
  • SNG-4212 Login Button has no padding
  • SNG-4203 Report Builder: Tables: Error should not be thrown if try to delete column in the table
  • SNG-4202 Report: Tables: Semantic differential should have row label like matrix SR
  • SNG-4201 [Frontend] Don’t call ReadTask with taskId null
  • SNG-4200 Report Builder: Tables: Issues
  • SNG-4199 Report Builder: Tables: Search should be applied to all columns in the tables
  • SNG-4191 Report: Table/Chart Name should not be displayed in Report
  • SNG-4190 Report Builder: Tables: Issues with Table Name
  • SNG-4189 Report: Online: Heading row is not visible in online Report
  • SNG-4187 [Frontend] Report Wizard: Activation step: Warning is missed if select Download PPTX report including open answers
  • SNG-4186 Report Builder: Show even without data setting issues/changes
  • SNG-4185 [Frontend] Report: Generated Report: in Excel Report missed labels in table
  • SNG-4184 Report: Online: Page should go to the top if question is changed
  • SNG-4180 [Backend] Report Refactoring: In Generated Report missed warning in Word Cloud if no responses are given
  • SNG-4179 [Frontend] Report Builder: Create: Add Content: Tables and Charts labels should be cut with ellipsis in button
  • SNG-4159 Report Builder: Create: Slot Element Name should display Name of the Chart or Table, not type of the element
  • SNG-4069 [Frontend] Report WIzard: Add default filter condition (to exclude not responded and bad quality) interviews
  • SNG-4045 [Backend] Report Refactoring: Order in Chart and labels below chart wrong
  • SNG-4024 Runtime: Open Question: Large field size: shouldn’t be possible to copy paste more characters than set in limit
  • SNG-3995 Add User: The message in the yellow frame when adding a user does not interpret the HTML tag <strong>.
  • SNG-3990 Build: Multiple Response Make ‘Force Response’ option disabled by default
  • SNG-3961 [Backend] Dashboard Export – Page Title
  • SNG-3959 Pro report: Notifications should appear after each other in case if download reports at the same time
  • SNG-3943 Admin: Import files: Drag and drop to modal not working, file opened in separate browser tab instead
  • SNG-3913 Subscription page: The columns sorting should work for Subscription items and Subscription stock items tables
  • SNG-3830 Invite Member Wizard: Link List channel type should not be available
  • SNG-3815 Runtime: The placeholder {{q1.value}}/{{q1_1.value}} should be case insensitive for all questions
  • SNG-3813 Runtime: NPS: placeholder should be resolved
  • SNG-3242 [Frontend] Distribute: If apply search by Panel/Sample Name Shared Panel also should be gone if no results found
Updated on October 17, 2023
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