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Release 17 March 2023 – Week 11


  • SNG-2825 QT: Max-Diff Specification
  • SNG-5269 [Frontend] Report Builder: Advanced Cell Template: And/Or operators should be available for selection in Condition modal
  • SNG-5329 Swagger Update


  • SNG-4276 [Frontend] Workspace Anonymization: Language and Survey Credit fields should be added to Hide from raw data setting
  • SNG-4492 Admin Page: User can enter features (for example Survey Layout) that are disabled for him
  • SNG-4866 [Frontend] Account – Subscription – Make Subscription Items editable
  • SNG-4989 Report Builder: Chart in Column: Series/Value column: redundant warning, field not prepopulated
  • SNG-5218 Analyze: Pro Report: Table Builder: Chart in table does not work until certain table setting enabled and disabled
  • SNG-5289 Pro Report: Filter & Conditions: Modal size limitations and scrollbars
  • SNG-5300 Pro Report: Table column tooltip is not shown
  • SNG-5311 Manage Code Plan: Erase warning message should be adjusted
  • SNG-5314 [Backend] Pro Report: Charts: Gauge Chart color range should be adjusted by min-max values
  • SNG-5317 Report Builder: Filter: Placeholder section erased in some cases in the filter modal
  • SNG-5318 Pro Report: embedded styles are gone when a survey is opened in a pop-up
  • SNG-5320 [Frontend] Analyze Page: Bad Quality should be counted and displayed in Response Statistics tab
  • SNG-5322 [Frontend] In portal context the spinner of the document downloader is odd
  • SNG-5323 [Backend] PA: Custom calculation functions tree shows column and row names instead of labels
  • SNG-5328 [Backend] Distribute: Survey Distributor: Member link column should be removed
  • SNG-5330 Account: Account admin is not able to enter Automation tab
  • SNG-5331 Email: Link to attachment
  • SNG-5332 Pro Report: Charts: Wrong Value template for percentage
  • SNG-5333 [Backend] Report Builder: Filter: Invalid Date displayed for Date conditions (if enter placeholder in value part)
  • SNG-5336 PA: Hidden Columns should not generate chart series
  • SNG-5337 Report Builder: Filter: Not matching to modal condition displayed in Preview (if you enter placeholder in value part)
  • SNG-5339 PA: Table: Simple Table: Drag and drop throws error when using search bar
  • SNG-5342 [Backend] Chart Builder: Interval is not displayed for Gauge chart
  • SNG-5343 Pro Report: Default column and row order when created through segmentation should be ascending by variable value
  • SNG-5344 Data Access: Filtering data through member.variable at report access lvl doesn’t work as expected
  • SNG-5346 Wizard: Remove not calculated interviews states from Basic and Segmented reports
  • SNG-5347 Report Builder: Tables: Exception thrown if extend table
  • SNG-5348 Pro Report: Broken search in filters
  • SNG-5349 Report Word Export: Duplicated data in tables
  • SNG-5355 Runtime: Max Diff: Question should be displayed on Test and Prod Runtime page
  • SNG-5356 Runtime: Max Diff: Looks like Placeholder for the question not resolved
  • SNG-5360 Max Diff: Exclude Items: Item should be disabled if it was selected in other list
  • SNG-5362 Max Diff: Red border is not present in Exclude drop down
Updated on October 18, 2023

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