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Release 17 September 2021 – Week 37


  • SNG-3383 Token Support for all JavaScript widgets
  • SNG-3382 Implement Chart Type Gauge for Reports
  • SNG-2108 Panel Integration – Dynata Integration

Change Requests

  • SNG-3204 Distribute: Remove Sampling Project filters section if panel with enabled “need approval” was distributed with Invite button


  • SNG-3390 Report: filtering step crashed
  • SNG-3384 Cloud Sample: Quality Measurement: Speeder and Straight Liner calculation
  • SNG-3380 Message: Error should not be displayed if try to close Upload message page
  • SNG-3379 [frontend] Message/Message layout: The zip file should upload after moving it to the import modal window
  • SNG-3378 Cloud Sample: If Full cloud sample disabled then steps should not be available in Wizard
  • SNG-3372 Portal: Issue with embeding survey
  • SNG-3368 Basic report: The label for choices in spider chart should be displayed correctly if enter big text in the choice
  • SNG-3367 [backend] Runtime: User redirected to screenout from Interview while Quota check for Cloud Sample not reached yet
  • SNG-3363 [frontend] Distribute: Cloud Sample: Current median should be calculated according to the specification
  • SNG-3361 Cloud/Third Party Sample: If click ctrl+C on Cloud/Survey Quotas step – already added quotas shouldn’t be copied
  • SNG-3360 Distribute: Cloud Sample: Made changes in Edit quotas window should be saved after clicking on Save changes button
  • SNG-3327 [frontend] Cloud Sample: Other Step: User stuck on the page if CheckFeasibility in progress, not able to leave page
  • SNG-3315 Distribute: Cloud Sample: Side bar issues
  • SNG-3305 Cloud Sample: UI issues part2
  • SNG-3253 Analyze page: Import report: The file should not be open in another browser tab after dragging to the uploading window
  • SNG-2808 Report: At least Question variable should be displayed in Side bar if there is no text entered
  • SNG-2711 Sampling Project: Update Statistics view for Sampling Project with deleted distributors
  • SNG-2706 Sampling project Wizard: Edit distributor: The open page of Wizard should be the last before closing Wizard
  • SNG-2674 Admin: Workspace page: Error message should not be display when add several groups for Workspace group admin
  • SNG-2632 Sampling project Wizard: Filter: Minus should not deleted from the Real/Integer field if entered it from the first time
  • SNG-2351 [frontend] Basic Reports: Required # of interviews setting shouldn’t be applied to Draft Survey

Updated on October 17, 2023

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