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Release 18 February 2022 – Week 07


  • SNG-3911 Extend Data Source Spec for Tables
  • SNG-3759 Pro Report: Tile and Chart Based Image Export


  • SNG-3919 Remove download icon from prod
  • SNG-3916 [Backend] Pro Report: Generated: Issues 2
  • SNG-3897 Analyze: Exception shouldn’t be thrown, if click on “Edit Conditions” button in Data access control section
  • SNG-3894 Minor padding top issues in Pro Report
  • SNG-3890 Download Data failed in some circumstances
  • SNG-3887 [backend] Analyze: Excel raw data download: Wrong value for very long integer number
  • SNG-3877 [Backend] Account/Workspace opt-out: Opt-out should work correctly in several cases
  • SNG-3853 [Backend] Pro Report: Generated: Issues
  • SNG-3425 Basic reports: Online: Scroller should be present for page with charts and tables

Updated on October 17, 2023
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