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Release 19 Februari 2021 – Week 07


  • [SNG-2118] – Default Validation: Multiple Choice Min and Max of selected choices
  • [SNG-2196] – [backend] Restrict Layouts per Workspace
  • [SNG-2384] – [Frontend] Security Enhancement

Change Requests

  • [SNG-2120] – do not allow special chars in url
  • [SNG-2314] – [Frontend] Essential User: Build: Add Content: Exclude Page Breaks from Element Counting
  • [SNG-2495] – Edit Workspace: Layout: In Default survey layout setting should be available only layouts selected in Available survey layouts setting


  • [SNG-2104] – [backend] Analyze page: Raw data: The header row should not add and display in total rows
  • [SNG-2147] – Workspace: The System and Browser fields should be situated according screen attachment
  • [SNG-2153] – [backend] Distribute: Legacy Sample: Quota name replaced with ???? if name consistis of Cyrillic letters
  • [SNG-2181] – Profile: For SuperAdmin License Type should be read only, Professional type should be selected
  • [SNG-2183] – Panel/Sample/Opt-out: The phone number should not accept negative numbers
  • [SNG-2456] – [frontend] Panel Sync: Change and Bug Collection
  • [SNG-2465] – Basic Report: Matrix: Percentage count broken in the table
  • [SNG-2483] – PPTX Report: Placeholders not replaced on extra slide
  • [SNG-2489] – [Frontend] Admin: Restrict Layouts per Workspace UI issues
  • [SNG-2491] – [Frontend] Message: “Include Message layout” setting is not applied for drop-down list after reloading page
  • [SNG-2492] – [frontend] Runtime: Placeholder for integer panel variable is replaced with a truncated number
  • [SNG-2493] – Super Admin: Account edit page: The error message is displayed when open Account edit page
  • [SNG-2500] – Runtime: Filter: Error is displayed in empty Text Entry Field with enabled Autocomplete validation if select N/A and click Next
  • [SNG-2509] – Workspace group Admin: Survey layout: The error message should not be displayed when clicking on delete icon of survey layout
Updated on February 19, 2021

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