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Release 19 March 2021 – Week 11


  • [SNG-1203] – [Frontend] Analyse: Render Powerpoint
  • [SNG-1523] – Refactoring: Performance Improvement in Build tab for large surveys
  • [SNG-2239] – Reintegrate Dashboard Calculation Engine in Survalyzer Core Calculation engine
  • [SNG-2575] – Panel ADD-ON: Download Survey.Credit Log
  • [SNG-2578] – Basic + Pro Report: Hide or show the navigation
  • [SNG-2579] – Report Element to integrate a survey inside a webpage

Change Requests

  • [SNG-2269] – [backend] Account Creation: Default Message Layout: Header image isnt loaded anymore
  • [SNG-2379] – BACKEND: PPTX Export – Chart Element Font Sizes
  • [SNG-2429] – BACKEND: File Download should include survey name
  • [SNG-2541] – [backend] Basic Report: Excel: Titles for semi open tables
  • [SNG-2606] – Segmented report: New style should be created
  • [SNG-2634] – Segmented report: The fields with Date should be displayed correctly in Excel report
  • [SNG-2639] – backend: Password Change log


  • [SNG-1481] – Build: Matrix SC/MC: Enabling of Text entry affects attached Filter condition
  • [SNG-2334] – [backend] Excel Report: Rank Order Question creates Error
  • [SNG-2431] – [Frontend] Basic Report: Matrix: Number of responses is missed at all for SC, MC, DD types
  • [SNG-2558] – Basic report: PPT: The color points of chart should be display according the selected in survey
  • [SNG-2574] – [Backend] Admin: Basic info tab: Changes in Account number field should be display after reloading page
  • [SNG-2595] – Admin: Filter: If change data type of open/semi-open question condition should be deleted
  • [SNG-2596] – Admin: Filter: Change Matrix type
  • [SNG-2598] – Admin: Filter: if delete choice in Matrix then only directly related condition should be deleted
  • [SNG-2602] – Backend: Password check must consider . : – as special characters
  • [SNG-2604] – Segmented report: Custom variable/Panel variable (Date) segment should work correctly for Segmented report
  • [SNG-2644] – Segmented report: Error message should not display when set at the same time the filter and segment
  • [SNG-2645] – Admin: Build: Validation error should be displayed on Build page if variable duplicate is entered (specific case)
  • [SNG-2655] – Filter: N/A condition doesn’t work after question variable changed
  • [SNG-2656] – Subscriptions UI issues Part 2
  • [SNG-2657] – OutOfMemory Exception is thrown
  • [SNG-2662] – Filters: N/A conditions reset to empty if enter invalid value in Variable Suffix
  • [SNG-2667] – Client cannot always load workspace
  • [SNG-2669] – Runtime: Deleted answers/removed selection are displayed after navigating Back>Next within the Survey
  • [SNG-2672] – runtime: sendmail: questionplaceholder shows value instead of label
Updated on March 19, 2021

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