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Release 19 November 2021 – Week 46


  • SNG-3549 Sampling Project Wizard: Enable Filter step for essential user in wizard for Sample
  • SNG-2703 account managment: Change Country field to pulldown menu
  • SNG-2227 Analytics: Methods: NPS
  • SNG-0491 Library Version 1.0 (epic)

Change Requests

  • SNG-3471 [backend] analyse : SPSS export shows question and answer option in 1 field


  • SNG-3632 Library: Questions tab should be present in horizontal menu for Account Admin
  • SNG-3630 Build page: Question library elements: The catalog should not be shown and not be searched If the languages in survey and catalog are mismatched
  • SNG-3627 [Backend]Question Library: Translation: Thank you page labels should be removed from ui and from Download Translate file
  • SNG-3626 Question Library: Extended section for Language with button labels should not be displayed
  • SNG-3622 Question Library/Build: Section Name should be mandatory on UI
  • SNG-3621 Question Library: Question variable should be hidden
  • SNG-3619 Question Library: Available question should be the same as for Essential User
  • SNG-3604 [Frontend] Messages and Message Templates should not take over Word Styles
  • SNG-3602 Runtime: Panel sign-up interview that was suspended and continued later does not trigger new panel member entry
  • SNG-3597 Build: Translate: slow translate UI
  • SNG-3585 Panel/Sample: Edit page: Selected gender should be displayed in Edit page
  • SNG-3583 [Backend] Deleted trial users remain in the SurvalyzerUsers Table
  • SNG-3572 Build page: Strange behaviour of images if was opened placeholders and then add images
  • SNG-2952 Build page: It should possible to move questions to empty section in compact view
  • SNG-2934 Distribute: Wizard should be opened if click on Edit Approval Request
  • SNG-2875 Analyze: Basic Report: Response statistics miss a translation (language key)
  • SNG-2552 [backend]Basic Report: Ppt: not resolved {reportdescription} placeholders should not be displayed
  • SNG-2370 [backend]Report: PPTX: Charts and text should be displayed correctly when present tooltip with big text

Updated on December 3, 2021

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