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Release 20 January 2023 – Week 03


  • SNG-3751 [Frontend] Undo Function
  • SNG-4822 [Frontend] PA: Simple Pivot Table Concept
  • SNG-5017 [Frontend] Add support for the PostProcessingScript


  • SNG-4883 Report Builder: Charts: Preview of chart is too big for some charts
  • SNG-5020 [Frontend] PA: Delete subtitle crashed report
  • SNG-5053 [Frontend] PA: Add chart type StackedColumns to chart type selection
  • SNG-5059 Survey Layout: Issue with uploading a logo
  • SNG-5060 [Backend] Pro Report: Standard Deviation aggregator column always displays 0
  • SNG-5062 Pro Report: It should not be possible to create Word Cloud chart out of pivot table
  • SNG-5064 [Backend] Pro Report: Segmentation: For Question/Custom Variables {SegmentValue} also should be resolved
  • SNG-5072 Pro Report: Tables: PostProcessingScript code persists across every created table and exception is thrown
  • SNG-5076 Manage Code Plan: Custom Variables are not shown in UI
Updated on April 3, 2023

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