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Release 20 May 2022 – Week 20


  • SNG-3880 Rework Cube and add Calculation Engine Capabilities
  • SNG-3652 REPORT BUILDER PRO – Page Builder


  • SNG-4111 [FrontEnd] A lot of exceptions in Prod regarding this issue
  • SNG-4107 [Frontend] Exception prevents user from filling out survey
  • SNG-4105 Admin: Report Layout: Lato font issues
  • SNG-4100 Admin: deletion of custom variables leads to inactive dropdown
  • SNG-4095 [backend] Report Refactoring: For Published/Closed(archived) Survey should be included only Prod mode interviews
  • SNG-4091 Admin: Report layout list: UI issues part 6
  • SNG-4090 [Backend] Save Trail Data in several circumstances (bug but no bug)
  • SNG-4088 Report Layout: Table chart: Horizontal scroll does not work at all
  • SNG-4087 [frontend] NPS Chart does not show traffic light color in promoter, neutral, detractor chart
  • SNG-4086 [backend] Report: Segmented Excel Report doesn’t show the segment values
  • SNG-4085 Check if the width or width min. is set on the pro tables in the dashboard
  • SNG-4084 Report Layout: Settings applied to Report
  • SNG-4081 Report Layout: Page width setting is not properly saved/ not working
  • SNG-4065 NPS Zero Values are not visible (anymore)
  • SNG-3991 Admin: Report layout list: UI issues part 4
  • SNG-3773 [backend] Report: Filtering/Segmentation by date not correct
Updated on October 17, 2023
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