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Release 21 October 2022 – Week 42


  • SNG-4673 [Backend] Replace deprecated Nuget Packages
  • SNG-4648 [Frontend] VA: Extend isNullOrUndefined method checker to check explicitly on the trail data
  • SNG-4639 [Backend] Implement prevention to create duplicate Interviews
  • SNG-4620 [Frontend] Make Tables (in Table Tab of Pro Report) collapsible and load only active element
  • SNG-4561 [Frontend] implement callAPIService for VA


  • SNG-4707 Report Builder: Report pages: Link to Charts page should be added in Add Content, if no chart exists in the report yet
  • SNG-4704 Pro Report: error thrown if open report with dynamic report and placeholder added
  • SNG-4702 Report Builder: Charts: If delete table that has related Chart, exception thrown on Charts page
  • SNG-4698 Pro Report: Dynamic Filters: Select All label not replaced, translation key instead
  • SNG-4696 Distribute: Sampling Project: Hard Bounces statistics display 0% in total number of Hard Bounces for Reminder
  • SNG-4692 Admin: Froala: User should be able to add tooltip
  • SNG-4691 [Frontend] Report Builder: Tables: Sync value format for CellTemplate and ValueTemplate properties
  • SNG-4685 Report Pages: Mouse Click in Tile works partially
  • SNG-4683 Pro Report – Chart: Set Viewport to selected element
  • SNG-4681 Page Builder: Resolve Placeholder in Report Page View
  • SNG-4680 [Frontend] Top 50 Option is missing in report
  • SNG-4676 Report Builder: Report Pages: Changed Chart name should be displayed
  • SNG-4671 Report Builder: Tables: Custom column width should be applied to basic tables
  • SNG-4650 Report Layout Builder: Design Page: Styling does not match between Design Page and Report Layout Builder
  • SNG-4631 Report Builder: Questions/issues
  • SNG-4583 Chart Builder: Category Settings are missing
  • SNG-4582 Report Builder: link from tile to underlying table
  • SNG-4438 [Frontend] Report Builder: Static Filter preview popup in sidebar sometimes truncated
  • SNG-4292 [Frontend] Analyze: Manage code plan: Styling should be removed from the choice labels
  • SNG-3828 [Frontend] Workspace Opt-out: WS group Admin/users should not be able to delete Account opt-out entry from WS opt-out list
  • SNG-3807 Opt-out: Download Opt-out file: Survey and Survey Url columns should be full if user was opt-outed by placeholder in survey
  • SNG-2980 [Frontend] Sampling Project Wizard: Opt-out information should be updated for essential/professional user; wrong # of recipients displayed
  • SNG-2368 [Frontend] Distribute: # of selected recipients is wrong in Bulk Reminder (if 1 recipient has several interviews)
Updated on October 17, 2023

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