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Release 22 April 2021 – Week 16


  • SNG-2738 Character Counter of open questions (Proxy Story for OP-1626)
  • SNG-2684 Refactor sidebar on build page
  • SNG-2651 Basic and Pro Report: Navigation refactoring
  • SNG-2589 Show: Email, Firstname, Lastname as default columns in sample and panel
  • SNG-2577 Report Basic & Pro: Enable the Filter inside the dashboard
  • SNG-2520 Textblock height in translation UI

Change Requests

  • SNG-2804 Remove Beta Badges
  • SNG-2797 Subscription page: Sales contact: Change the email to correctly licenses@survalyzer.com for German and English locales
  • SNG-2786 Subscription page: Change the title of rows/columns
  • SNG-2614 Sampling Project/Distribute Wizard: Move Channel Selection to the beginning
  • SNG-2613 Distributor/Sampling Project wizard: Add Filter Step for professionals
  • SNG-2560 Basic Report: Update Title (label) and Subtitle (statistics) in all questions/semi-open fields
  • SNG-2220 [Frontend] Move Implementation from Service to Azure Function


  • SNG-2798 Report Wizard/Report: Filter: Styling for Question label for Open Question should be removed
  • SNG-2794 Sampling project Wizard: The error message should not be displayed in wizard after clicking on edit distributor and send email again
  • SNG-2793 distribution : selecting a sample to invite generates “Cannot read property ‘quotaPlanDefinition’ of undefined”
  • SNG-2791 [Backend] Analyze: Excel Report: Filter based on sample variable Code does not work
  • SNG-2789 runtime: mandatoy matrix question with multiple choice rows: hidden rows should not be mandatory
  • SNG-2783 Allow to use record fields in Rawdata Tables
  • SNG-2782 Rawdata Table doesn’t support Conditions
  • SNG-2778 trial database: access to images seems corrupt
  • SNG-2743 Runtime: Matrix MR: It should not be possible to leave the mandatory question without answers and go to next page
  • SNG-2717 [Frontend] Segmented report: The statistics of answers should be present for separate downloaded Matrix question
  • SNG-2694 Build: Filter preview for column should be displayed right below the column
  • SNG-2605 [Backend] Report Wizard: For slider displayed string conditions, while should be integer
  • SNG-2446 Report Wizard/Reports: Styling for Choices should not be present

Updated on April 2, 2022

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