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Release 22 Januari 2021 – Week 03


  • [SNG-2012] – Report Definition JSON Import
  • [SNG-2038] – [backend] Analyse: Implement export of all dataresult table to excel
  • [SNG-2094] – Cascade settings provider
  • [SNG-2194] – Third Party Sample: quota full behaviours and changing redirects

Change Requests

  • [SNG-2140] – [frontend] Basic Report: External Online Report: Test interviews should not be included even if Survey is Draft (not published)
  • [SNG-2172] – [frontend] Opt-Out: Only SuperAdmin should has access to “Opt-outs on account level” setting, workspace id should be removed if change setting
  • [SNG-2178] – [frontend] Add new VA methods to hide or autoclick the next button
  • [SNG-2290] – [backend] Rawdata: Label SPSS report is made up of a combination of question text and row text
  • [SNG-2355] – Panel ADD-ON: Sync Mode – Sign-up should update credit fields
  • [SNG-2359] – [backend] panel addon: email duplication validation + send success email is in conflict
  • [SNG-2360] – Implement Partitions on LoggingExceptions


  • [SNG-1704] – [Frontend]: Distribute: In Sample Project with Draft Distributor missed type of Distributor,# of members selected; even Distributor is not displayed in Distribution Log
  • [SNG-1977] – [frontend] External Report: Response Statistics: Only Prod interviews should be displayed for Survey In Revision
  • [SNG-2137] – [backend]: AnalyseExportTemplate.docx is ignored
  • [SNG-2215] – Invite Member: Distribute page: The number of recipients is displayed as total number of members after inviting one member
  • [SNG-2280] – [Frontend] Remind Member: Survey in Archive state should not be available for Selection
  • [SNG-2281] – Remind Member: Content of Wizard pages should be correspond to the title of the pages
  • [SNG-2287] – Opt-Out: The Workspace id should not be displayed in DB when Opt-out setting is ON
  • [SNG-2298] – [frontend] runtime: smilies in slider text field are squeezed
  • [SNG-2303] – [Backend] online reports: interviews data should be displayed in online reports after changing and importing raw data Excel
  • [SNG-2305] – [backend] report details only show details from 1st question, rest is empty
  • [SNG-2306] – [frontend] Analyse: % Value Calculation in table and chart is different
  • [SNG-2307] – Build: Value Assignment: Round function does not always results in expected value
  • [SNG-2312] – [frontend] – date type becomes string
  • [SNG-2315] – [backend] Excel export report: Entering values should be respond to fields
  • [SNG-2318] – [frontend] Runtime: One request for an interview creates two interviews
  • [SNG-2328] – [Backend] Member: add limitation for 64 characters in member variable name on ui and in member import
  • [SNG-2330] – [backend]: analyse: mean value should have one decimal in the power point export
  • [SNG-2332] – Excel Report: Mean Value of Slider & Open Question (number + real)
  • [SNG-2339] – [frontend] runtime: slider question – changing language removes all slider labels
  • [SNG-2340] – Analyze: Very long survey name creates a very long Excel raw data file name that cannot be opened
  • [SNG-2353] – connection error: after login a connection error happens
  • [SNG-2356] – [backend]: Runtime: Download PDF/Download PDF All placeholders don’t work
  • [SNG-2366] – Expired tokens lead to error message
  • [SNG-2357] – survey download to doc or pdf not working
  • [SNG-2371] – Runtime: Value Assignment: this is undefined thrown in console if matrix type custom variable present and refresh the page
Updated on January 22, 2021

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