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Release 22 October 2021 – Week 42

Change Requests

  • SNG-3515 Extend Pro Table to support column allignment property
  • SNG-3505 Runtime: filtering on answer option with value “0” not working
  • SNG-3503 Allow Trial users only sending E-mails to the own users E-Mail


  • SNG-3512 Runtime: Chart in interview not shown
  • SNG-3511 Build: Upload Survey Definition icon missed
  • SNG-3510 Runtime: VA: Next button and Back button functions should work
  • SNG-3508 Distrubution: sending SMS from a survey not generating sms’s
  • SNG-3507 Runtime: VA: stringtodate and dateformat functions shouldn’t be case sensitive
  • SNG-3492 [Frontend] Runtime: CountInterviews doesn’t count, error is displayed in console
  • SNG-3490 Build: URL Forwarding: End page option should not be available for In Progress state option
  • SNG-3485 Build: Wrong filter deletion when filter question is deleted
  • SNG-2759 runtime: filtering on answer value “0” is also activated if no option is selected

Updated on October 17, 2023
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