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Release 23 September 2022 – Week 38


  • SNG-4496 [Frontend] Implement Pixeltracking
  • SNG-4385 [Backend] Data Grid Excel Export doesn’t export all data types


  • SNG-4594 Reports: Tables: Change logic to render column groups
  • SNG-4569 Report Builder: Tables page: Exception thrown when row’s name is added
  • SNG-4564 Super admin – Notification Service: Show as Pop Up checkbox doesn’t work
  • SNG-4539 Report Builder: Styling for column name label shouldn’t be excluded from Column selection popup and Excel export
  • SNG-4512 Notifications: Generic Notification Service issues 2
  • SNG-4325 Use Table Name in sheet and file name of excel export of pro tables
  • SNG-2447 Runtime: prevent mandatory question
  • SNG-2337 Distribute page: The number of recipients for Schedued/Draft Sampling project should be displayed according to selected members
  • SNG-1766 Distribute/Sample Project Wizard: Filter condition for Variable and Number with Choices variable types are strange
  • SNG-1624 Build: Filter: Member Variable: For List data type variable displayed not correct conditions and fields
  • SNG-1388 Sample Project Wizard: Variable condition operators and values in Distribute Step are inaccurate
  • SNG-1106 Copy & Paste issue: copy survey title should NOT copy tons of unwanted html
Updated on October 17, 2023
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