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Release 24 December 2020 – Week 52


  • [SNG-1951] – [backend] Opt-Out Story Part II

Change Requests

  • [SNG-1717] – [Frontend] Central Spinner Refactor
  • [SNG-2017] – FRONTEND: Disable Mobile Hover Effect for SC and MC
  • [SNG-2126] – Analyze: Swiss client cannot download Powerpoint report
  • [SNG-2150] – Design: Hide smartphonse / tablet / computer icon in header
  • [SNG-2171] – Download Opt-Out: Add Workspace ID column to the file
  • [SNG-2175] – [Frontend] Legacy Sample: Placeholders should be resolved in Redirects links


  • [SNG-2002] – [Frontend] Runtime: The field with E-mail data type should not accept invalid data
  • [SNG-2044] – [Frontend] Build: The label of Custom members field disappears after clicking on it
  • [SNG-2054] – [Frontend] Files and media: Exception is thrown if open page while present 2 workspaces with the same name
  • [SNG-2078] – Admin: Build page with id=0 should not be opened if click enter in Search field
  • [SNG-2121] – Essential vs Professional users issues
  • [SNG-2128] – Build: Popover for Closing Survey should be displayed below the button
  • [SNG-2138] – [Frontend] Message: The text of all blocks in email should be displayed in one language
  • [SNG-2144] – [Frontend] Runtime: Slider: Default Hint Text should be shown in runtime language
  • [SNG-2146] – [Backend] Anonymization workspace: Raw data: The member fields should exported in raw data replacing actual value with 7777777
  • [SNG-2148] – [Backend] Raw data: The value in System fields should be displayed for Account admin after enabling settings in Workspace
  • [SNG-2151] – Admin: Filter: text entry field should not be displayed after empty/not empty condition was selected
  • [SNG-2152] – [Frontend] Essential vs. Professional: URL Forward + Hide Pro Report + Hide section property
  • [SNG-2158] – [Backend] Analyze: Raw data import cannot handle open-ended questions
  • [SNG-2159] – Runtime: imported raw data is not visible in interview
  • [SNG-2163] – Quota: If all quotas matching the participant are full, flag the interview as “quota full”
  • [SNG-2166] – [Frontend] Runtime: Interview with QuotaFull State should not be opened again
  • [SNG-2176] – [Frontend] Runtime: a quick click on next button bypasses validation check
  • [SNG-2177] – [Frontend] Analyze: Report languages en-us, pt-br, etc. are not recognized when small letters in JSON file name
  • [SNG-2190] – Runtime: Third Party Sample: Screenout/QuotaFull interview is set to In Progress state in DB
Updated on October 17, 2023
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