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Release 24 February 2023 – Week 08


  • SNG-4602 [Frontend] Create service to remove Opt-Outs from Panels
  • SNG-5178 [Frontend] Treegrid with placeholders for custom calculations


  • SNG-3931 Cloud Sample: Other Steps: Field is mandatory validation displayed on the page while field has value
  • SNG-3945 Line height icon on Text editor window doesn’t function optimally
  • SNG-3963 Admin: Panel: Variables: Should not be possible to create List data type with special characters in variables
  • SNG-3972 Panel- ADD-ON: Sign up with Sample
  • SNG-3976 [Backend] Pro Report: Generated: Labels are cut in some Charts
  • SNG-3979 Admin: Survey layout: Survey layout name should not be empty
  • SNG-4875 Runtime: Embedded Survey: Scroll sometimes jumps to middle of page with scrolling disabled
  • SNG-5019 Report Layout: Set Color for Sidebar (in Styles) should be applied in Online report
  • SNG-5044 [Frontend] Report Builder: Build: All enter values in Title/Subtitle field should be displayed in slot
  • SNG-5149 [Frontend] Build: Undo/Redo: Changes done via json import
  • SNG-5185 [Backend] Pro Report: Charts: Custom series/categories colors issues
  • SNG-5225 Table Wizard: Investigate exceptions (while not steps to reproduce)
  • SNG-5228 Pro Report: Adaptive filter logic: Adaptive filters in benchmark case [JSON Only] part is not implemented
  • SNG-5229 Survey Layout is not applied to the survey correctly
  • SNG-5233 Pro Report: Online Report: Download svg/pptx chart button should be hidden for not authenticated users
  • SNG-5236 Subscription: Exception is thrown, if open page for Account that doesn’t have subscription yet
  • SNG-5240 Pro Report: Charts: Value format is no longer being changed once custom was selected
  • SNG-5241 [Backend] Performance: Open Sample takes too long
  • SNG-5243 Test Survey Email functionality doesn’t work with mail relay
  • SNG-5244 Pro Report: Charts: Every series shouldn’t have the same value label if value format is changed
  • SNG-5245 Report Builder: Value format: As soon as user disables advanced template, it should be restored to default value
  • SNG-5247 [Frontend] Not needed API call to read labels
  • SNG-5250 [Frontend] Pro Report: Raw Data Table: ReportIssue loop created, when summary row added and column settings expanded
  • SNG-5251 [Backend] Pro Report: Placeholders for custom calculations issues
  • SNG-5252 Pro Report: Placeholders for custom calculations: List of columns in Column values is not being updated
  • SNG-5253 [Backend] Unable to download Raw Data of survey
  • SNG-5255 Report Builder: Exception thrown when deleting last chart on Charts page
  • SNG-5256 Report Builder: Rawdata Table doesn’t have button “Create connected Chart”, it also failed on the Charts page
  • SNG-5257 Advanced Cell Templates in Word
  • SNG-5258 Report Builder: Tables: Should be possible to add Integer variable to the table
  • SNG-5259 Report Builder: Charts: When adding Rawdata table chart should be generated, currently no chart and type can be selected
  • SNG-5261 Pro Report: Placeholders for custom calculations: Typo in RowResult.MissingsCount placeholder
Updated on October 18, 2023
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