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Release 24 June 2022 – Week 25


  • SNG-4241 Upgrade to Devextreme 22.1
  • SNG-4240 Datasourcetomatrix fix for rawdata
  • SNG-4149 [Backend] Implement CancelationToken for all Requests
  • SNG-4146 [Backend] Use SVGs in all Office output formats
  • SNG-3971 [Frontend] check countInterviews VA function: Extend Function for Custom Variables
  • SNG-3611 Report Builder – Allow access with Panel members


  • SNG-4238 Report Builder: Tables: Value Format field
  • SNG-4229 It seems we use momentJs in some circumstances wrongly
  • SNG-4228 [Frontend] Report: Column order in table shoudn’t be different from the order in report builder
  • SNG-4227 Report Builder: Tables: Error is thrown in console, if in table present variable more than once
  • SNG-4226 Report Builder: Issues with Column settings
  • SNG-4225 [Frontend] Report Builder/Report: Strange behavior of drop-down, might be styling issue
  • SNG-4224 [Backend] Panel: Panel export: Interview links download file shows wrong answer links
  • SNG-4222 [Frontend] RTL Emails add div, should be span
  • SNG-4219 Analyze: Excel Report: Segment filter based on custom variable does not work
  • SNG-4215 [Frontend] Translate page: Whitespace entered in text field is not saved
  • SNG-4206 [Frontend] Report Builder/Online Report: Issues with table settings
  • SNG-4198 Report: Slot Size set on Create in report builder should be applied in Online report and on Design page
Updated on October 17, 2023
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