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Release 25 June 2021 – Week 25


  • SNG-3091 Code Authentication with Panel Share
  • SNG-3062 Reference Matrix in autocomplete lists
  • SNG-3053 Extend Basic Excel Report with Charts
  • SNG-2961 New Question Type: Star Scale
  • SNG-2774 Segmented Excel Report: ADD Charts
  • SNG-2061 Implement Data Cube for ServerSide Calculation (epic)

Change Requests

  • SNG-3099 Essential user: Invite more Participants and Send Reminder for specific Distributor buttons should be available
  • SNG-3031 Backend Support for Embedded runtime charts
  • SNG-2953 [frontend] Distribute: Reminder Distributor: Download Bounce Statistics button should be present
  • SNG-2336 [backend] Rawdata Import: Start-End Date for existing Interviews should be updated via import


  • SNG-3086 Refactoring distribution flow
  • SNG-3082 HighChart is not rendered in pdf
  • SNG-3077 Distribute: user navigated to Workspace list page if click delete for Third Party Sample
  • SNG-3075 Rawdata Export: Show answers link doesn’t show the given answers, displayed page empty
  • SNG-3073 [Backend]: the tables on the right-hand side in the online report are not shown in a powerpoint file.
  • SNG-3065 Cube: Basic reports: The values in charts and tables should be displayed correctly in Semantic defarential/Implicit association questions
  • SNG-3061 [Backend]: Multi language invitation template with anonymous link ignores sample member language
  • SNG-3048 [BACKEND] Distribute: renamed hash, reused in 2nd survey lead to wrong redirect
  • SNG-3044 [backend] Report: Upon adding custom member variable to filter, the online report won’t be displayed. Nor can you download a powerpoint file
  • SNG-3027 [frontend] Invite member: The invite icon should be disabled if member was added to opt-out by email and cell phone, and API channel is available
  • SNG-3017 [Backend]: Survey Approval Workflow: Not Possible to set Survey (from any state) to Archived for all user roles
  • SNG-2987 [backend] API Distributor: All members should be included for API channel regardless of email/cell phone in opt-outs
  • SNG-2951 Distribute Wizard: Response statistics: Diagram should change according to the different Sampling project
  • SNG-2925 API: App Distributor Messages Issues in UI
  • SNG-2853 Questionnaire in inconsistent state
  • SNG-2268 Distribute: Edit Quotas modal: Changes in Quota should be displayed in modal
  • SNG-1054 SPSS Rawdata Export fails

Updated on April 2, 2022

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