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Release 25 November 2022 – Week 47


  • SNG-4618 [Frontend] Extend CountInterview Filter processing to support string as argument + CubeSupport
  • SNG-4828 Add Flag to Report to ignore Min N-Value Setting of Report


  • SNG-3893 Build: Essential: Tooltip for last added element is stuck on the page (if reached 50 elements limitation)
  • SNG-3904 Admin: Column Chooser popup (like on Edit Panel page) should be closed with a click outside the popup
  • SNG-3907 Pro table: Selected columns to show should be preserved after switching to another page and returning to initial page
  • SNG-3924 [Frontend] Basic Report Wizard: Checkbox Markup for semi-open word cloud
  • SNG-3925 [Frontend] Basic Report Wizard: No Chart selection svg
  • SNG-4730 [Frontend] Chart Builder: Custom Tooltip issues
  • SNG-4825 Report Builder: Custom Row Template: Exception thrown on table with column groups
  • SNG-4826 [Frontend] Report Builder: Charts: Implement Categories as Series for all Charts (except word cloud)
  • SNG-4827 Pro Report: Chart.reference placeholder resolvement logic should be changed on UI
  • SNG-4829 Admin: Professional and Normal User shouldn’t be able to open Report builder via a copied link
  • SNG-4830 Error Message for Panel sign-up
  • SNG-4833 Report Builder: Tables: Not possible to sort or filter through the column (with metadata labels)
  • SNG-4834 Report Builder: Chart in Column: Setting should be disabled if the table has no number value columns yet
  • SNG-4835 Report Builder: Chart in Column: Issues 1
  • SNG-4836 Report Builder: Chart to Column: Stack to 100% setting should be available for Stacked Bar Char type
  • SNG-4839 Placeholder: ExcelExport
  • SNG-4841 [Frontend] Spacing between Title Title
  • SNG-4842 Pro Report: Applied colors from selected Report Layout should apply to Chart in Column
  • SNG-4843 Report Builder: Chart in Column: Issues 2
  • SNG-4848 [Backend] Return Survey Status (OPEN, CLOSED) in Interviews of the member call
  • SNG-4849 Report Builder: If copy Table exception shouldn’t be thrown “get isNValueTooSmall” exception
  • SNG-4850 Report Builder: Tables: In summary row value displayed below wrong column if enabled Chart in Column
  • SNG-4856 Issue with opening report
  • SNG-4857 PA: Rename of Table doesn’t work
Updated on October 17, 2023

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