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Release 26 Februari 2021 – Week 08

Change Requests

  • [SNG-2435] – Panel Authentication Page for Profile Questionnaire: add forgot password function
  • [SNG-2490] – update https://education.survalyzer.com/knowledge-base/embed-survey-into-your-website/
  • [SNG-2496] – [Backend] Admin: Created Survey layout/Message layout should be added to Available Layout for current Workspace
  • [SNG-2497] – [Frontend] Admin: Workspace: Layouts: Only selected layouts in Available survey/message layouts settings should be display in Survey/Message page
  • [SNG-2498] – Report: Matrix Text Number – table layout improvements
  • [SNG-2499] – Report: Matrix Multiple Response – chart layout changes
  • [SNG-2507] – Survalyzer Controls Library Implementation


  • [SNG-1752] – Basic Report: Table: N/A Count for Matrix Multiple Choice is empty
  • [SNG-2114] – Basic Report: Stacked Bar Chart versus 100% Stacked Bar Chart
  • [SNG-2116] – Runtime/Build: The text of label is out of field in Single response after selecting checkbox Multiple columns
  • [SNG-2393] – [backend] Excel export report: The total statistics of answeres should be displayed as 100%
  • [SNG-2432] – Basic Report: Stacked Bar Chart for matrix question should not be limited to 100%
  • [SNG-2519] – [Backend] The setting “Password reset” doesn`t work in Add Admin/Add user/Add group admin page
  • [SNG-2522] – Basic Report: various question types: x-axe should range to max value (auto setting), not static on 100
  • [SNG-2523] – basic report: open question type real: show mean in chart not median
  • [SNG-2524] – [backend] basic report: pptx: font size of table from multi response question is too big
  • [SNG-2525] – [backend] basic report: pptx: empty chart
  • [SNG-2526] – [backend] basic report: tables of matrix and semantic: empty cells have 18 px font size
  • [SNG-2527] – basic report: pptx: allign % value and number values to the right
  • [SNG-2528] – basic report: matrix number: total row column max, value to high
  • [SNG-2529] – basic report: excel report: format column % with %
  • [SNG-2530] – basic report: date question has no word cloud
  • [SNG-2534] – [backend] Basic Report: PDF/Word Charts are too small in all question after question with multi column group
  • [SNG-2545] – [backend] Basic Report: The labels of matrix questions are truncated in Powerpoint reports
  • [SNG-2551] – Basic report: Online Report shows same for “all” and “filtered
  • [SNG-2553] – [backend] Admin: Profile: The error message should not display after clicking on Save button in Profile
  • [SNG-2556] – Rawdata Import: No possible to import integer/real responses, InvalidVariableValue error
Updated on February 26, 2021

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