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Release 26 March 2021 – Week 12


  • [SNG-1863] – Invite and Remind single member from Sample
  • [SNG-2591] – show an icon if user is locked and cannot login

Change Requests

  • [SNG-2354] – [Frontend] Devextreme – Remove deprecation warning
  • [SNG-2687] – Basic Report: Change Request for PPTX
  • [SNG-2688] – build part performance issues


  • [SNG-2089] – Admin/Runtime: Real data type field: Limitation 13+3 should be implemented
  • [SNG-2322] – [backend] Analyze page: Error message is displayed after clicking on delete raw data for specific survey
  • [SNG-2428] – BACKEND: Library: Not possible to create subfolders in Shared folder
  • [SNG-2565] – Runtime: The filter should be applied in Drop-down question when selecting N/A
  • [SNG-2587] – Segmented report: The % should be correctly calculated for Segment column in all questions
  • [SNG-2607] – [frontend] Runtime: Custom link opens main survey language when code authentication is in use
  • [SNG-2618] – Runtime: Filter: Non-mandatory matrix question with mandatory miscellaneous field requires answer even though the matrix row has no answer
  • [SNG-2638] – Backend: Segmented Excel Report: Matrix Question: Rowtexts are missing
  • [SNG-2668] – Build: Texteditor: Explanation text in tool tip is automatically removed
  • [SNG-2673] – Runtime: Saved Answer(via next button) shouldn’t be overwritten by changed value if click back and then next again
  • [SNG-2676] – Build: Value assignment: Certain existing custom variable cannot be used inside a value assignment
Updated on October 17, 2023

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