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Release 28 May 2021 – Week 21


  • SNG-2867 Survey Publishing Approval
  • SNG-2788 Align localization settings across the admin application

Change Requests

  • SNG-2826 [BACKEND] Distribute: For Deleted Sample Sampling Project should be changed
  • SNG-2173 Improve Spinner loading behaviour


  • SNG-2942 Sampling Project Wizard: Panel Sharing settings should not be applied to Wizard opened for Local Panel
  • SNG-2933 Shared Panel: Changes for case when Panel Unpublished
  • SNG-2932 Runtime: Message for closed Survey should be displayed in language specified in interview link
  • SNG-2923 Distribute: If distribution resulted in Error, progress bar should also be refreshed, currently bar is stuck
  • SNG-2922 [backend]: Distribute: Reminders results into error,invitations are not sent
  • SNG-2920 [backend] Reject Survey Approval should put survey in state Draft
  • SNG-2917 [BACKEND] With code authentication deleting interviews results in unresolvable state
  • SNG-2915 Corrupt message layouts
  • SNG-2910 Admin: Message/Survey Layouts Issues
  • SNG-2909 [Frontend] Panel: Sampling project Tab: Exception thrown if click Download Bounce statistics
  • SNG-2905 Performance Issue
  • SNG-2900 Distribute: Sampling Project stuck in “Approved & scheduled” state on UI, invitations have been sent already
  • SNG-2896 [backend]: Shared Panel: In Approval Request Pending Email {DefaultEmail} placeholder not resolved
  • SNG-2895 [backend] Sampling Project Wizard/Distribute: Filter to member variable is not displayed For Shared Panel
  • SNG-2894 Localization settings in Admin: Issues in UI
  • SNG-2893 [Backend] Shared Panel: Variables tab issues
  • SNG-2883 Sampling Project: Scheduled distributor of Shared Panel should be implemented
  • SNG-2880 Runtime: Value Assignment: Date saved in custom member variable should not be shifted
  • SNG-2877 Fix Filter Conditions and Performance of Hierachichal Grid
  • SNG-2851 [Frontend] runtime: profile page (panel add-on) has “single participation”, should be “multiple participation”
  • SNG-2156 Tooltip issues

Updated on May 28, 2021

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