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Release 29 December 2020 – Week 53


  • [SNG-1944] – Invite or Remind Individual Members from Sample List

Change Requests

  • [SNG-2084] – [Frontend] Workspaces: Add Analyze Export Template


  • [SNG-1999] – [Frontend] Admin/Runtime: Missed Translations
  • [SNG-2102] – Report: Matrix/Semantic Differential: Table Tab buttons should not be hidden, rawdata tables should be in 2 columns
  • [SNG-2106] – Build: The checkbox Measure reaction time per stimulus dissapeas after unchecking it
  • [SNG-2125] – Runtime: It is not possible to complete the interview if the placeholder is setted for Rank order
  • [SNG-2160] – Legacy Sample Wizard: Exception thrown if create Sample with Quota Name having more than 64 characters
  • [SNG-2184] – [Backend] Opt-Out: DB: Only for ChannelEmail should be setted setting in DB if added Email in Opt-Out manually
  • [SNG-2185] – [backend] Opt-out: The member is saved in Opt-Out list after clicking on unsubscribe and does`t choose any way
  • [SNG-2187] – [Backend] Opt-Out: Sample/Panel: Error message is displayed after adding the same Email in Opt-out in different Workspaces
  • [SNG-2195] – Build: Translation part: same translation in 2nd language is not saved
  • [SNG-2199] – [Frontend] JavaScript Error in ValueAssignment
  • [SNG-2200] – [backend] PDF Export does not show section respondent answered
  • [SNG-2202] – Tooltip should have class tooltip-elment
  • [SNG-2213] – AnyMatchRegex Filter is not evaluated correctly
Updated on October 17, 2023

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