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Release 29 January 2021 – Week 04

Change Requests

  • [SNG-1231] – [frontend] Runtime: Interview has been deleted
  • [SNG-1965] – Survey Layout: Add an additional text field to set the page title
  • [SNG-2154] – [Frontend] Build Survey: Send Email: Sender domain + Message Dropdown
  • [SNG-2264] – [frontend] Value Assingment: support q1.count([option]) in value assignment
  • [SNG-2273] – [Frontend] Export Time in local time of user according to profile time zone field
  • [SNG-2349] – Basic Report: Minimum number of interviews settings should apply to Excel Report
  • [SNG-2380] – BACKEND: PPTX Export – Replace default powerpoint template


  • [SNG-1994] – [backend] Workspace Anonymization Functions
  • [SNG-2036] – Frontend: Everywhere: Apply Character escaping for special chars
  • [SNG-2051] – Runtime: Error messages are displayed in all fields of other questions after entering an invalid value in only one field
  • [SNG-2082] – Admin: Filter: html should not be displayed in filter preview
  • [SNG-2162] – Distribute: Quota cells text in guided process “create legacy sample” ignores HTML and shows the tags on the screen
  • [SNG-2274] – [backend] Runtime: Survey Links should not be working for closed Third Party Sample
  • [SNG-2279] – 3rd party sample: show sampling link with language code(s)
  • [SNG-2324] – [Frontend] Third Party Sample: Response Statistics: Completed count should include OverFlow completed interviews
  • [SNG-2325] – Third Party Sample: Should not be set to Closed if Quotafull behavior set to OverFlow (reproduced for language, custom var, url var)
  • [SNG-2338] – [frontend] runtime: slider question – lowest option can not be selected
  • [SNG-2363] – Runtime: Filter: Replace null/undefined for string data type field with string empty
  • [SNG-2369] – Online/Generated reports: Total % in Drop-Down question should be 100 %
  • [SNG-2373] – [frontend] Build: Value Assignment: For Matrix custom variable should be displayed Matrix type label, not string
  • [SNG-2375] – Messages: Message Creation is not possible
  • [SNG-2376] – Message: Translate page: The body of message should be displayed in Translate page
  • [SNG-2381] – Backend: Answers of Q11 and Q12 in Excel raw data are identical, which is in contrast with the survey itself
  • [SNG-2382] – [backend] Build page: Setting Exclude survey layouts does not work
  • [SNG-2386] – [Backend] SQL Issue for Message Blacklist
  • [SNG-2387] – [backend] Sample: Deleting a sample member does not only delete all interviews belonging to this member but also other interviews
  • [SNG-2389] – Workspace edit page: General tab: All id list of Workspace groups should be displayed in drop-down list in General tab
  • [SNG-2390] – Survey: Build: to field in send email is missing
Updated on May 6, 2022

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