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Release 28 January 2022 – Week 04


  • SNG-3829 Value Assignment: Extend setSurveyFieldsReadOnly for Matrix Single Choice
  • SNG-3793 PDF and Word Rendering for Pro Reports
  • SNG-3516 Time Filter at Rawdata export


  • SNG-3849 Error messages on Distribute page
  • SNG-3846 Generated Report: Adjustment of Multi-column rows to word
  • SNG-3845 Pro Report: Zero Handling should be applied
  • SNG-3843 Pro report: The sorting should be correctly for number column in Open question
  • SNG-3842 Pro Report: Undefined should not be displayed instead of 0
  • SNG-3841 Pro Report: If axis min max values set – then they should be applied in the chart
  • SNG-3838 Basic report: PPTX report: Stacked bar chart should be displayed correctly
  • SNG-3836 Warning message for users in IE
  • SNG-3827 Embedded Survey: Tooltips not working
  • SNG-3824 Donwload PDF: Placeholders in template not resolved
  • SNG-3822 [backend] Account/Workspace opt-out: It should not be possible to create a duplicate record using upload excel file
  • SNG-3821 Cloud Sample: Other: Add validation that Start Time must be within 30 days from the current time
  • SNG-3816 Sampling Project Wizard: shouldn’t be possible to set Field Phase start date later than Survey end date
  • SNG-3812 SuperAdmin page: It should be possible to create Account for Switzerland in test system
  • SNG-3775 panel: super slow list drop down in member detail (lots of list member variables)
  • SNG-3727 [backend]: our own report download email lands in spam folder
  • SNG-3723 [Backend] Build: Translation part: Wrong language code in Excel translation file should be ignored in import process
  • SNG-3721 [backend] Build: Translation part: Send mail element does not change content when mail template is chosen
  • SNG-3715 [backend] Message: Froala: For essential user should be available all member variables in placeholder section
  • SNG-3682 [backend] Basic report: PPTX: Chart for NPS question should not be stretched and should be center aligned
  • SNG-3465 Edit Panel: Panel created via Survey Bundle import shouldn’t have “The import process is running” message stuck on the page
  • SNG-3462 Build: Change Question type: add validations for min-max fields in slider question
  • SNG-3432 [backend] Generated Reports: Hard Bounce statistics missed in Word and PDF reports
  • SNG-3431 [backend]Reports: Charts: Negative mean value should be displayed in Word, PDF
  • SNG-3362 Cloud Sample: The project details should be closed by default, if Survey or Cloud quotas exist
  • SNG-3161 [backend] Survey Approval Lists: Email to requestor should be sent upon rejecting or approving Survey
  • SNG-3033 [backend] Survey Approval Request: small issues
  • SNG-2912 Sampling Project Wizard: Shared Panel with disabled ‘Show Recipients List’ setting
Updated on October 17, 2023
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