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Release 30 April 2021 – Week 17


  • SNG-2506 Build: Show Available Variables section for Value Assignement

Change Requests

  • SNG-2823 [backend] Sample Member Import: Essential user should be able to import only 10 custom variables
  • SNG-2775 Runtime: If char limit is reached the user should not possible to further write
  • SNG-2766 [backend] Sample deletion + retention: Pseudonomize Data Option
  • SNG-2763 Filter Step for Samples for Professionals
  • SNG-2753 Runtime: DatePicker (small text field size) shows only 2 year digits and adds automatically 20 in front
  • SNG-2744 Distribute: handle the “in progress” state in distribute
  • SNG-2608 value assignment: usage of “string” methods like equals
  • SNG-2549 Add unique user id to whatfix configuration
  • SNG-2481 Member Detail: introduce variable groups in member detail view
  • SNG-2331 Panel: Moving Variables from one variable group to the other is not possible
  • SNG-1842 Wrong image in dutch version


  • SNG-2833 Trial User: If open Sample exception “Unknown WorkspaceGroup” should not be thrown
  • SNG-2831 Runtime: PDF export of interview does not use interview language
  • SNG-2822 Segmented report: The calculation should be work for Multiple response when set N/A in segments
  • SNG-2819 Refresh distribution page when process reaches 100%.
  • SNG-2817 Sample retention: Sample should be deleted after specified number of days in Retention period for sample data passed
  • SNG-2809 Runtime: Under certain circumstances the participant is unable to enter a hyphen in front of negative numbers
  • SNG-2805 Runtime: Language filter based on interview language with additional country code does not work
  • SNG-2801 Runtime: Matrix: Autoscroll should be present between rows on small screen
  • SNG-2800 [frontend] Samples: Interview list per sample member: After closing a survey the interviews from the survey vanish in sample member interview list
  • SNG-2755 [Frontend] Basic report: The data for Open question (Date) should be corresponded to data in Rawdata when set the filter
  • SNG-2726 Basic report: The correct condition and operator should be apply when select N/A in Multiple response
  • SNG-2597 Segmented report: The segments of questions should be correct display in Segments & Filter sheet
  • SNG-2555 Runtime: Filter: Validation should not be triggered if related question/choice is hidden
  • SNG-2535 basic report: chart in rank order different in online and generated reports
  • SNG-2533 [BACKEND] Analyze/basic Reports: date (that doesn’t have responses) while when report is generated should not be added to Responses per day chart
  • SNG-2532 basic report: matrix text: axe value is 100 in chart while column value is more than 100
  • SNG-2472 Basic Report: Column Chart should not be available for rank order
  • SNG-2372 Analyse: number of bounces are added to invited
  • SNG-2261 Build: Translation part: Out of Memory browser error occurs after a while when working intensively in translation part
  • SNG-2204 Panel/Sample: The error message should not be displayed after clicking on Reset icon when the interview in state Not Responded
  • SNG-2191 Runtime: Automatic scrolling to next question not working
  • SNG-2157 Legacy Sample: Response Statistics: day present in chart while no responses have been given on this day
  • SNG-2145 Custom Styles get deleted if text is changed without RTE
  • SNG-2115 Specification: Basic Report: Matrix Text (string+number) updates
  • SNG-2001 FRONTEND: Runtime: Open question: Placeholder value should be the same for different Response data types

Updated on April 30, 2021

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