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Release 30 July 2021 – Week 30


  • SNG-3098 Published Survey / Waiting for Approvals show question element settings in read only mode (s)

Change Requests

  • SNG-2513 Panel Sync: Meta Panels should be available
  • SNG-2476 Runtime: Value Assignment: Error for duplicate Code value should be changed to general exception error
  • SNG-2378 FRONTEND: Message Layout – Color picker issue
  • SNG-1684 Build: Warning for Close Survey should be updated


  • SNG-3241 Panel Sync – Profile survey – jumps page on error
  • SNG-3237 BACKEND: Excel Report not possible
  • SNG-3236 Wizard crashes when wizardPageIndex = -1
  • SNG-3218 Access Code: Panel: The labels and warning message should be displayed according to the language in url
  • SNG-3215 Pro report: The total statistics for questions should be present in Pro report like as in Basic online report
  • SNG-3158 Build/Runtime: Survey tooltips don’t work
  • SNG-3125 [backend] rtl languages are not handled in pdf export
  • SNG-2991 Distribute: Error message should not be displayed when open Message preview
  • SNG-2882 Build page: Matrix MR: Filters with N/A should be displayed correctly in edit filter window
  • SNG-2563 Basic report: Wizard: Online report: The data records by filter should be the same both in Filter page and in Response statistics
  • SNG-2557 Basic report: Online: The title of question should not be duplicated in Open question text/date
  • SNG-2510 Admin: Message layout: Thumbnail of layout should be displayed in list of Available message layouts setting after saving it in Message layout page
  • SNG-2488 MFA Login issues
  • SNG-2467 Basic Report: Stacked Bar Chart: Online: colors order should be matched to scheme order
  • SNG-2455 Build: Edit Message should open in a new browser tab
  • SNG-2417 Frontend: Workspace Settings – Color Palette should be included in Layout
  • SNG-2398 Survey/Message Layout: It should not be possible to upload folder instead of image
  • SNG-2385 Build page: Tooltip should be displayed correctly in Chrome/Firefox
  • SNG-2350 Generated Reports: Anonymization Function: The warning message should be displayed for all answers in question statistics in Matrix/ Semantic differential if answers not for all choices given
  • SNG-2161 Message: The text in Received Email should be displayed from right to left in languages Arabic/Hebrew/Persian/Urdu

Updated on October 17, 2023

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