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Release 31 March 2023 – Week 13


  • SNG-1882 [Frontend] Integration of Panel Cleaning Process
  • SNG-5035 [Frontend] PA: Solution for Weighing
  • SNG-5404 [Backend] Support a custom domain per workspace


  • SNG-3988 [Frontend] Admin: Design: Warning message should be displayed, when user changes survey layout with different id tag of Text element
  • SNG-4307 [Frontend] Sampling Project Wizard: Link List channel should be available, if open Invite (not requested) wizard for panel with disabled “Show recipients list” in Shared setting
  • SNG-4372 [Frontend] Pro Report: Tables: All variables should have automatically set ColumnDataType property incl corresponding type
  • SNG-4388 [Frontend] Pro Report: Tables: Jumping to table from Report pages issue
  • SNG-4391 [Frontend] Survey Overview: If open archived survey and click back user should be redirected to Archived overview page
  • SNG-4425 [Frontend] Build: Code Access: Panel with enabled sharing should be displayed only once in the drop-down
  • SNG-4448 [Frontend] Panel/Sample: Remind icon’s tooltip message should be changed in case email and cell phone number fields are empty
  • SNG-4457 [Backend] Analyze: Excel Report: Segment filter condition <= does not work right
  • SNG-4517 [Frontend] Build: Validation error message for Open question Date type should be changed
  • SNG-4534 [Frontend] Pro Report Design – SideBar: is unchecked but active in report
  • SNG-4543 [Frontend] Distribute page: Copy anonymous link – positive alert message should be displayed once link is copied
  • SNG-4544 [Frontend] Basic Report Wizard: Activation step: Download PPTX report should be displayed as modal instead of text
  • SNG-4546 [Backend] Admin: When removing Template Layout for generated files – should be used default one, not throw an error
  • SNG-5143 [Frontend] Pro Report: Navigation links structure: Groups issues
  • SNG-5223 [Frontend] Analyze: Pro Report: Navigation link labels not available in translation part
  • SNG-5352 [Backend] Sender email issues
  • SNG-5379 Max Diff: Changing question type issues
  • SNG-5382 [Frontend] Pro Report: Filters and the whole page jump if collapse or extend sidebar, when Dynamic Filters section present
  • SNG-5383 [Frontend] Pro Report: Table Builder: Language key problem for delete row action.
  • SNG-5384 [Frontend] Max Diff: Accessibility and UX issues
  • SNG-5386 [Frontend] Build: Max Diff: Add filter button is not present
  • SNG-5388 [Frontend] PA: Table Builder: In Summary Row settings there are column names instead of column labels displayed (columns selector)
  • SNG-5389 [Frontend] Basic Report: Max Diff: Mean/Max Diff Score value should have Real format with 2 decimals
  • SNG-5394 [Frontend] Question Library: Max Diff shouldn’t be available for adding in question catalog
  • SNG-5398 PA: Table Builder: Error when trying to create table segmentation based on custom condition
  • SNG-5400 Frontend: unable to Invite/Import Sample Members, related to URL path (in workspace panel add on displayed)
  • SNG-5413 Analyze: Pro Report: Dynamic Filter: Filter with certain settings repeats the options again and again
  • SNG-5415 Build: View, Undo Redo icons should be shifted if Survey name had long name
  • SNG-5418 [Frontend] Survey Layout editor, throw error
  • SNG-5419 Report Layout: Settings for added elements are missing
  • SNG-5426 Report Builder: Charts: Interval issues
Updated on October 18, 2023
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