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Release 4 June 2021 – Week 22


  • SNG-2988 Filemanagement Issue
  • SNG-2928 Global Opt-Out
  • SNG-2919 Survey: Request Approval to Publish Survey
  • SNG-2824 Modal Window Support
  • SNG-2742 ValueAssignement: Extend countInterviews() Method
  • SNG-2055 Distribute: API Distributor
  • SNG-2016 Distribute: SMS Distributor
  • SNG-698 Account Management

Change Requests

  • SNG-2984 Value Assignment: Support Right() and Left(“string”,[char])
  • SNG-2976 Trial Account: Enable image upload for trial workspace
  • SNG-2939 Do not delete sampling projects when publishing surveys
  • SNG-2929 RT1.5.3 – Submit Button: create class rt-btn-submit
  • SNG-2916 (Frontend) Import export of translations in messages
  • SNG-2913 Workspace settings: Add “Limit the user to upload a maximum number of members” setting


  • SNG-2994 runtime: excel translation file contains all the autocomplete data field
  • SNG-2985 EditAreas of API distributor messages shall not be limited in size
  • SNG-2979 [frontend] API Distributor: The distributor in Scheduled state should be created
  • SNG-2978 Member Import: Show instructions text must be dynamic for essential/professional user
  • SNG-2977 [BACKEND] analyse: raw excel export doesn’t contain panelID anymore
  • SNG-2967 Sampling project wizard:Traslation message: The error message should not be displayed when download/upload message
  • SNG-2962 Filters defined for report (basic, segmented) don’t work properly; show call stack error on Analyze page.
  • SNG-2959 [backend]: Trial User info message already existing email address
  • SNG-2958 [backend] Messages: Translation page: Error message should not be displayed when upload message with API
  • SNG-2957 Distribute: Error is thrown if click on SMS Message expand icon
  • SNG-2956 Sampling Project: SMS/Email: 1 extra recipient is added if selected only 1 recipient
  • SNG-2955 Sampling Project Wizard: error is thrown if select sms to email type and navigate to text step
  • SNG-2949 API: Hard bounces should work correctly for API Distributor
  • SNG-2948 Analyze: Report: Filtering on strings not possible
  • SNG-2946 survey approval: activate survey if sampling project is approved
  • SNG-2944 API: Sampling project: Error message should not be displayed when invite more participients
  • SNG-2941 [backend] API: APP Message layout: placeholders should be work correctly
  • SNG-2937 API: App Distributor Channel: Issues in UI
  • SNG-2921 [Frontend] In some circumstances the ChannelType in MessageLayouts is not set
  • SNG-2904 [frontend] Panel: Sampling Project tab: Open recipients list: in downloaded file should be present only members that are distributed within sampling project
  • SNG-2898 Distributor Wizard: Recipients step missed if add distributor for Shared Panel
  • SNG-2890 [Backend] Panel: Sampling Project tab issues
  • SNG-2886 Runtime: Autocomplete: not all matching values are available in drop-down with autosuggetion
  • SNG-2884 [frontend] Panel: Sampling Project tab: Error is thrown if search
  • SNG-2872 [Backend] Subscriptions: The Start date of items should be the same as Start date of Subscription after renewal
  • SNG-2714 Sampling Project Wizard: Number of selected recipients is not autorefreshed on Filters step
  • SNG-2537 Basic Report: Online: Url variable filter should be display in Response statistics
  • SNG-2292 Reminder Wizard: Distribute page: The quantity of recipients in “E-mails to be sent” should be corresponded according selecting in Recipients page
  • SNG-2245 Sampling Project Wizard: All Opt-outed Members not displayed on Filter/Recipients steps, more recipient can be displayed on Distribute Step
  • SNG-2209 [frontend] Sampling Project Wizard: Summary step: If there are 0 members for Distributor item – then Download Links/Send Invitation button should be disabled
  • SNG-2024 Reminder/Invite Member: Opt-out information is not displayed on Distribute step in Wizard

Updated on June 4, 2021

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